Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scrub me!

Warm up the scooter (SASHA!!!) - grab your stuffed canine (Yeeeeah Rowdy!! Hit that!!) - and wax those nerps (but be careful of your me-time hand)... SCRUBS IS BACK!!!!!

I love Scrubs - I love to love Scrubs - and I love to have others love Scrubs with me present in the room.... just observing. Um...

We left off last season with a sort of cliffhanger - well, a cliffhanger for Scrubs. J.D.'s girlfriend was pregnant - OOF! So now we will go through about 3 episodes of that story... and then the character will disappear. That's just how network TV works.

This is to get you all psyched - I have never seen this!!

I am so pumped - Josh called me today to remind me it was on! DER! I will be in full geek mode (with probable robot dance celebration) and fully expect my SWB (Super-White-Bear) Greg to be watching as well. Don't disappoint mamma!

This is Sarah Chalke... bow to her.



Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old and Older

We don't hear much from this Minnesotian any more - but today is KJ's 28th birthday!!!

Live it up girlie!!!

Everyone should send on some birthday love - I am just going to remind her that in 2 more short years she is going to be as old as dirt...

I am dirt.


Mystery Date

The other day the Sheriff made a request in the comments at Listen! Listen!, etc. asking that there be a bit more light shed on the amorous adventures of your man Kern.

Well, while under normal circumstances I would have nothing to report other than the unemotional yet torrid passion of hand romance, I am relatively happy to say that I may actually have a potential date this weekend. With a woman!

I say potentially because I'm still waiting for another call in regard to the details of when this flight of fancy at the Henry Art Gallery at UW is supposed to happen. For the first time in my life, however, I am feeling relatively non-plussed by the entire situation, which is strange for a raging stress case like myself. I don't know if it's because I am really quite busy with my writing for TMT and the like, or if I am just so jaded at this point that an eleventh hour and forty-five minute dropout would not likely surprise me either.

In any case, the girl is beautiful and she likes to go to museums. If nothing else, having a sweet young lady on my arm in several rooms full of art for a few hours doesn't hurt my feelings, as I can think of far worse ways to kill an afternoon.

Of course if that falls through, I'm just going to go out and eat donuts and watch The Fountain. Six of one, half dozen of the other. And by the other I mean donuts.

Hugs and S**t,


PS-Fino, do not fear, I am still wrangling my thoughts for a proper Altman eulogy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hazzaa for Buttercup!

Today my lovely wife Andrea accepted a job at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. The last 10 months for Buttercup and the Sheriff have been "times that temper the soul". However, a ray of light has shown down from the heavens and the tide has turned. We want to thank all who have listened to our sad tales these many months. You are remembered and charished for your friendship.

"God bless us everyone."



This came out yesterday - new Spider-man 3 poster art. Good stuff.

Still reeling from the loss of Altman - not that it was not expected - just not wanted. I have not seen PRAIRE HOME COMPANION yet - not sure if that is how we wanted it to end.

Hopefully Kern can write something appropriate - and maybe he can post it he as well as his blog.

Hope everyone has a fattening Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robert Altman 1925-2006

The final words of NASHVILLE;

"Y'all take it easy now. This isn't Dallas, it's Nashville! They can't do this to us here in Nashville! Let's show them what we're made of. Come on everybody, sing! Somebody, sing!"

Just yesterday I was doing some reading on SHORT CUTS and CALIFORNIA SPLIT - and now he is gone. Damn.


Monday, November 20, 2006

"Royale" treatment

Nobody is prepared - or remotely ready - for the new Bond film... I question even mentioning this film with all of the rest because "Casino Royale" stands as the first film in the Bond series to ever have real characters and a truly moving and exciting story.

Daniel Craig - the new Mr.Bond - takes hold of the character and completely makes it his own. He has the action chops to cut all of the fighting and stunts - yet also the acting chops to sell Bond's conflicted soul, twisting with the realization of his own murderous drive. Drea actually pointed out a moment that blew my mind - he is on a beautiful beach with his girlie Vesper and lets down his guard for a few moments to allow her to see him... the ocean is behind him in close up - and Craig's blue eyes match the color of the water behind him... it is a striking image not only for his "dreamy" look... but more importantly that Bond is opening - you can see through him - to the vibrant man behind the OO's.

Eva Green tears up the screen as Vesper - Bond's accountant and love interest... labeling her that way does not do her character justice. She challenges the man - she not only beholds sexuality for him - but let's him taste a woman with a fully developed mind (non existent in the Bond world) and strength of character. Green stunned me with her portrayal... or maybe it is just that Halle Berry was the last Bond chick.

Another shock is that Director Martin Campbell has made an truly amazing action/dramatic film!! The early action sequences are breathtaking (the end of the first chase scene had my mouth agape - and I actually jumped in shock at one scene!) and the intimate moments are truly... intimate. Usually characters and interest are falsities in this series - here we have real people reacting to violent situations... I am not sure how the director of "Vertical Limit" balanced this but he has done one helluva job!!

This is no "Goldeneye" - and this definitely is not some Roger Moore corny bore fest... this is a real film. This is what Connery began to create - this is what Brosnan wanted... This is the best James Bond film that has been made. Period.


A side note - Caleb's website is up and running. Check it out! I also have the link off to the side.

Madison is doing great - Holly is moving around... Dan is Dan. All is good!!!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Introducing Madison Kayley Stevens

There is this foreign maitenance guy that I have to thank at Methodist Hospital - you see, I was at Matt Johnson's coffee shop, talking it up with the man and picking up some Tenacious D tickets, when I got the call. I knew Hol and Dan were at the hospital and that she had gotten the epidural - but major things were happening and I had to get there.

So I flew down Fleur - rolled into Methodist - and proceeded to run past the maternity ward ending up in the wrong end of the hospital. Frustrated, I grabbed a maitenance man who barely spoke English and urged him to get me to Holly asap!

We went running - using "personell only" doorways to get to the ward.

It - was - awesome.

But I was 5 minutes late. Madison Kayley Stevens arrived at 8:28 (or :27 - I have heard it both ways) to the shock of all! Hol was not even pushing... the doctors - the entire room! - dove to catch Maddy as she came out!!!

Here are a few pics

Proud Momma

Proud Poppa

Proud Grandma

Proud Grandpa

Proud Great-Grandma!!

Proud Family

Madison Kayley Stevens on Vimeo

Hi Maddy!!!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We are going to blow your f*cking minds!!!

Last night I finally got the new Tenacious D album "Pick of Destiny!" My oh my - how I have missed the D!!!!

The album is pretty damn good - one track in particular is blowing my f*cking sox off! Here is a video from the movie coming out next week (or this week?).

Also, head over to Amazon and check out Master Exploder which is sadly edited - but you can hear the best tune on the ablum!

Cara and I are heading out to see it tomorrow - tickets courtesy of our friend Mr. Johnson. I will probably report on the film on Friday.

I am getting super psyched for "Casino Royale!" Jeffrey Wells ( gave the film a marvelous review - and he usually hates everything.

We shall be viewing Saturday night with the Kreitners - who are coming down for a weekend of fun with the Rainey's... er... me and Cara (DAMNIT!).

Lots to get out and see kids - whip it!

BTW - Gilmore and V-Mars were gold last night! Chris and Lor looked really happy... Lane's twinsy problems sent me into hysterics - Veronica's ending creeped me out good... and next weeks eps on both look fantastic. Yummy.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Gimme some VENOM!

I think we all know what kind of uber-dork I am when it comes to movies - and Spider-man 3 is on the top of my list on things to obsess upon! I head over to the production blog all of the time... I eat up every little detail that is spilled... and when the new trailer arrived - I counted the minutes down to it.

Head over to ifilm to watch the new trailer - which is sort of a disappointment. I expected a little more... and some Venom footage to boot!

So I was out on YOUTUBE - and discovered this!!!

The differences are huge! The editing is better and the final Venom images are the perfect way to close out the trailer. I hope you agree.

Watch it while you can - I am sure Sony will be pulling it down real soon!

(Pic courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Crotchety Bastard!)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"I Lost my wallet and brief case"

Sopranos Season 6 pt. 1 has come out on DVD and I enjoyed the first 3 ep's last evening. Very engaging TV. No spoilers here. So many potential plot paths in a very dense 3 shows. Can't wait to see the next 3 disks. Nice to see Mr. Pink again.