Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kernwatch: October 2006

The other day as a postscript in one of his comments, The Sheriff had this to say:

"Kern......what is the book status?...we need a post here in Finoland."

Well, there have been many developments in Kern's literary and artistic endeavors, enough in fact, that I can actually do an list. If this were a film I would do a Scorcese style montage most likely set to "Gimme Shelter", but due to the unfortunate limits of this software, you'll have to imagine it while humming the Stones quietly to yourself.

First of all, the big news is that the book is now totally done, for better or worse. Those of you who would like to support my eventual descent into a Bukowski-esque spiral, can purchase a copy here. I'm hoping to scrape together enough dough to purchase the global distribution package so that it can then be marketed through such online booksellers as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com among others, which would happen approximately six to eight weeks after I pay them the fee.

Also in book related news, there is a contest sponsored by the company that I publish through, Lulu.com, called the Blooker Prize. No, that's not a typo, that's their clever title for a contest where all of the books have been derived in some way, shape, or form from original blog content. I would say my book certainly fills the bill in that regard, and so I am going to throw pride and caution to the wind and enter my book into the running for the 2007 Blooker. I feel I have nothing to lose(what's dignity?) and the worst that can probably happen is that curious people might check out the book to see how it stacks up against its competition. Unfortunately, certain "celebrity" authors are also participating, which I am a more than a little displeased about. Jessica Cutler who published the book Washingtonienne last year, didn't officially enter last year because she didn't actually send a full copy of the book, which I suppose has been rectified this time around. I've looked at some of the competition and I don't know where I stand. Not because I feel mine is a paragon of literary excellence mind you, but moreso because the topics of a lot of them seem like kind of a bore to be honest. They all seem to either be hokey derivatives of Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Asskissers, tomes of pseudo-Thoreauian folksiness minus the deep insights, or your "run of the mill single gal in a modern man's world, whatever is she to do?"(See Dating Amy or Washingtonienne). Do I have a shot at the big money? Doubtful, but I'm doing it anyway. So f*** it.

Speaking of writing, I'm totally been engulfed by Tiny Mix Tapes recently. After a long absence while I was working on my book, I've come back to it with renewed vigor and dedication. I've had several reviews up in the last couple of months, bringing the total up to seven within this first year, though it will likely be eight by the end of the week. We've been doing a lot in the Delorean section, and I hope you guys will keep an eye out this week for a group article we did that I had a major hand in, as well as my review for our theme month in which I'll be covering No Wave predecessors Suicide's eponymous album from 1977. After that, I am sure we'll be hammering hard at our year end lists, which means I've got a lot going on with them through the end of the year.

Also, my other artistic endeavors have been put on hold for a while, but I am going to be contributing a t-shirt design to a company called Threadless. Essentially, Threadless is a fascinating experiment blending art and commerce with a populist spin. Artists submit designs, fans vote on the designs, and the winner gets a thousand bucks and their design made as a shirt.
I'm going to be contributing my "Hallowed Be Thy Game" design which you may have seen up here last year.

In addition to this, I'm hoping to do some painting again in the near future as I desperately miss it, and need a little respite from all the writing I'm doing.

In any case, that's what's really been consuming my time lately, and should account for the lack of blog entries over at my little corner of the blog world.

I just want to tell everyone here at the Damfinoblog thank you for all of your support. If it weren't for your encouragement and support, I don't know that I would have done half the things I have done in the last year, so it's all very appreciated.

Hugs and s**t,


Friday, October 27, 2006

What's there to do at Goose Fest?

I am sure you are all waiting on the edge of your chair to find out what there is to do at Goose Fest in Middle River, Minnesota.

The answer is ...


Yes, Damfino crew, Dan and I are getting married - he asked a month ago when we were on a little vacay in Northern Minnesota (read: darn near Canada) and of course I said yes. The big date is 9/22/07 in Iowa.

Hope you're all having a great Friday!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life Update & Lorelai Love

Hey gang,

Thought I might do a sort of blog type post - more bloggish than this blog has seen - but I am bored at work chillin to the new Marie Antoinette soundtrack with some stellar Windsor for the Derby tunage cranking in the background.

First - I am moved into Cara's place - and I spent last night setting up the basement/man room. I added some felt to the old round table we had and made a rather cool poker table for the corner. It is ready for some late night games and drunken madness.

We have an Iowa game this weekend - we are playing Northen Illinois. That's right, the alma matar of our dearest Sheriff! After we stomp his team, Cara and I will be heading over to my bestie's place for some drinking and partying with him and mrs. They have finally jumped on the SCRUBS band wagon, so I will be delivering seasons 1-4 to them to enjoy on DVD.

Speaking of the Kreitner's - they missed Tuesday fantastic episode of "Gilmore Girls" - BUMMER! I was dying with some really well written stuff - and I am loving seeing Lor and Chris hitting it off. Richard and Emily were sending me into hysterics with; "She thought it would be an optical malfunction!" "Then I would be stuck playing ping pong - then I would have to kill myself."

If you aint watching - you should be.

Finally, I was out yesterday at home waiting for the DISH guy to come just to tell me he can't find a line of sight for the Dish on Cara's house!!! Regardless, yesterday was Devin's birthday!!! 31 years of bliss, blood and bally-hoo! Happy Birthday brother!

PCE - LOVE - all that good crap,


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Film Flam

God, I love the fall. The trees are turning - football is in full swing - and finally, decent films are hitting the theaters!!! Here are three you need to get out to see.

First off is Scorsese's "The Departed." I was worried about the film, hearing that is was not quite up to his quality - but thankfully, the film blew my mind! Everyone is in top form (even Damon - who surprised me) and Scorsese has made a fascinatingly detailed and bloody as hell flick.

I would toss this up there with "Goodfellas" - "Raging Bull" - "Taxi Driver" - the best of his work!

(If you have not seen the latter films - hang your head in shame and flog thyself for punishment)

See this one in the theaters!!

I dug Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" and I feel the same for "Marie Antoinette." Both films are very personal and aloof - which sometimes can get long and loose - but Coppola finds a way to wrap it all around for a very interesting ride.

There are some amazing images - some amazing music - and some ok moments. We don't get completely inside Marie - but we get a story that really has not been told this way. Coppola connects with the isolated character and looses her a tad in the historical moments.

It was really interesting to sit in the audience - which consisted of old arty egg heads mixed with 13-15 year old teeny bopper girls who would coo at the sight of a puppy dog on screen. Odd.

Finally, I had an equal amount of fun at Chris Nolan's "The Prestige." I love "Batman Begins" and "Memento" ("Insomnia" could have used some work) and I am really loving Nolan's editing style and command of storytelling.

The film plays like a long episode of The Twilight Zone - with twists and dark imagery. I was not as shocked by the twists - but I loved Nolan's uber concsious analogy of the story to the concept of filmmaking. Magician as filmmaker - fun as hell to toy with in the film and in discussions afterwards!



Thursday, October 19, 2006

Take Home A Piece Of Arrested History

Hi all. Just saw this and thought if anyone was buy-curious, they might like to blow their wad on some of this great Arrested Development stuff that was actually in the show.

Gob's Segway has gotten mighty expensive, but there are a few items that are still affordable, though probably not for long.

Come on!

Hugs and s***,


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Please watch and listen - it is important. Yo

cav-bye on Vimeo

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tenacious Da Bears!

For those bloggers who did not watch the ESPN Monday Night Football telecast, you missed one for the ages. MY Chicago Bears....the Bears I watched growing up...THE 1985 Super Bowl Champion Bears.....came back from a 23-3 hole to beat the Arizona Cardinals in AZ last night. Was it their fantastic offense you say? Nope! The Bears scored on a field goal, 2 defensive fumble recoveries for td's and a punt return for a td. They did not score a td on offense. This type of comeback has never happend in the NFL...ever! When a grown man is screeming at the tv at 11pm at night because Devin Hester returns a punt for the go ahead score....priceless.

Lots of "beer flu" in Chicago today I bet.

Could this be the year? stay tuned.

bunny out

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mac Attack!

Jerry was nice enough to send on some images from the party - which includes the above image... which may be the greatest picture ever taken.

It is now my desktop.

Here are some more...

Cara and I - love the knee highs.

Bob and Jesus - Bob is creepy.

Bob dances a jig.

Jesus - if he had blown up the Brits.

Jesus - if he were a Red Sox fan.

Seriously - these pics of Jerry are killin me!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"He doesn't look a thing like Jesus"

Howdy folks,

Well - I never got any more pics from people, so I just threw together what I had and added some semi-humorous quotes to go along with the images.

Enjoy - with new music by the Killers (which times perfectly to a certain image!).

30th on Vimeo

BTW Today is a very special day - the anniversary of our beloved Sheriff and his Buttercup!!!

Hopefully they are doing the day up with some style and class - perhaps a huggle and some sloppy lovin. We will have to wait and see!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Creepy cakes, sticky floors & a whole lotta running...

I don't have enough photos to appropriately post here about what occured on Friday, October 6th 2006 - but I thought I had better say a few words before I take the time to collect images.

I was tricked - lied to - manipulated... and utterly shocked that a surprise Birthday party had been arranged for yours truly. There were costumes - cakes - an incredible game... and all of my friends waiting for me.

It was amazing!!!!

Thank you everyone who helped plan and organize the event. And thanks to everyone who came and had a ball running amok with me. I had so much fun and was so surprised....

I will post images later this week - if you have pictures please send them on to me (Devin? Jeremy? Greg-san?).

My love goes out to everyone for showing me one helluva good time!!!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Most pathetic weekend contest

Hi all,

I have got a new contest for this Friday called the most pathetic weekend. I'll start the balls rolling (a slight tip of the hat to "Hard Candy").

I will be mowing my grass...ohhhhhh, perhpas fixing a fence post or two, ahhhhhhh, scooping up 3 weeks worth of dog crap...tadaaaaaaa.

Let the games begin.

bunny out

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"300" hits hard!

Holy crap!!! Ok - so you remember Zack Snyder who directed that cool new version of "Dawn of the Dead?" Well - he is back with an adaptation of Frank Miller's comic "300."

And... my god... the trailer is stunning!

View it

300 trailer on Vimeo

Or head on over to apple here.

Also, there is a really cool production blog going on for the film here.

The trailer is cut to one of my favorite Nine Inch Nail tunes off of the Fragile disc. Damn - this film is gonna be a trip. I like the color differences that seem to throw back to "Sin City." Miller's material is definitely in the right hands.

Gilmore was pretty good this week - I laughed alot at Kirk's! Also liked seeing Luke take action and deck Chris. Actually, Luke is getting some of the juiciest stuff his character has ever done on the show.

Veronica Mars was pretty damn good - except for those opening credits... UGH!!!! How could they do that!?!?!?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Would you like some "Hard Candy"?

I have been riding Netflix hard recently and have had the joy of viewing some very good indie films. Last week I saw the Guy Pierce Aussie Western "The Proposition" and last evening I watched "Hard Candy". Shot for less than 1 million dollars this is a tale of on-line predation and what can happen when you get in over your head. Very engaging. Next up......"Thank you for smoking".

bunny out

ps: just a little post to keep the blog smelling "new car" fresh.