Friday, September 29, 2006

Me and Jed

Being the truly awesome and soon to be 30 years old (sorry for trumping your post Sherrif) older brother that I am - I thought I had better throw my little brother Caleb some love!

He has a new post at his site - check the link to the right - it is a video interview with yours truly - two actually.



Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!

Happy Birthday Jed

May there always be enough lead in your pencil to finish your work.


ps: Have fun at the game on Sat. Remember when you get on camera it is Hi-Def. So lets get those nose hairs under control.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Babette's intimates

Last night was the season premiere episode of Gilmore Girls and the first time the show has been helmed by anyone other than Amy Palladino - and it was not that bad. We should be ok in David Rosenthal's hands.

The story line is a tough one though - Lor slept with Chris - Luke has been dropped... and Rory - well, no one is really that into her tale.

The Long Morrow story was really cool and I did laugh out loud quite a few times (Kirk Evil Kinevil'n it into Lukes diner was classic!!). I am a little down with where Lor and Luke are - but this season could be a step forward from last year - we will have to see.

Got some Vegas trip pics for ye - enjoy the slide show to the magical tunes of Wilco!

Casino Queen on Vimeo

I am still very busy at work - thus the humorless post - but hopefully soon I will get back to blogging some pee-rific posts - in the mean time, try not to stone Deit too much for his acerbic and cruel words. He is old after all.

Oh - and I turn 30 on Saturday... there, that's done.



Thursday, September 21, 2006

God Told Me To Blog

I heard from God today. That's right friends, God came down into my shower this morning and spoke to me.

He said "Deit. I have a message for the world, and I want you to be my messenger."

I said, "Jeez God, couldn't you have at least waited until I was done yanking off?"

And God replied unto me, "What, like I haven't seen that before? What part of omnipresent do you not get?"

And I said to God, "You know, that's actually kind of disturbing. I mean seriously .. all the time??? Are you seriously that bored?"

And God said, "Not the point. Now you intrrupted my train of thought. Oh right, Deit ... I am sending you forth today to save the Damfinoblog!"

And I said unto the Lord, "But God I have tried!" I submitted an entry yesterday that I thought was quite funny, and nothing."

And the Lord said unto me, "Deit, you must blog again. You must tell them it is My will that people blog! The whole of human creation exists to this point so that the Damfinoblog could exist. You must save the blog for the fate of neglect that Satan has planned for it!"

And I said, "Yes Lord! I understand!! I will write on the blog today!! I will tell them all that the Damfinoblog must be saved!! I will go on a hunger strike until people are posting on the blog daily again!!!"

And the Lord said, "Yeah, about that idea, I'm thinking that might encourage them to leave."

And I said, "What if I tell them that you will kill me in 30 days if I don't raise 40 million dollars to save the blog?"

And God said, "Um ... no. Why don't you just keep posting to the blog until people get tired of you and they blog themselves!"

And said, "I will do it Lord!! I will annoy them like only I can!!! I will save the blog though annoying posts!!!!"

And then the presense of the Lord left me. So here I am fulfilling the will of God!!

Either that, or I ate some bad yogurt this morning, and I'm just posting based on some really good hulicinations.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This oft heard French swear perfectly sums up my feelings on the state of this blog. OH!!! How the mighty have fallen!!

Where is the filth? Where is the useless banter? Where is the sickening devotional blathering over shows doomed to die before their time??

Oh how I used to wait for another day just to see what was happening in the world of Damfino! The sun rose and fell on each sweat word uttered on this blog, and a swooned each time the internet itself was debased by the vile utterances of our fearless leader in filth. But woe how the bitter cold winds of change have turned!! Woe how the blog has fallen in a wasteland of empty posts! Woe how the very fabric of my life has been has been darkened by the silence from this once cheery and innuendo ridden land!

But wait!! A glimmer -- a spark in the darkened sky -- has appeared. What is that light that I see coming closer and closer? Is it the light that could save this blog for its own neglect? Is it the faint glistening of hope in a weary land??

Behold it is I! It is the return of Deit Heimley and his merry (read gay) utterances!! I am here to save you!! I am back from the abyss of early fatherhood trials to take up the cause of saving this blog!!!

Let the expressions of joy commence.

Friday, September 15, 2006

"This could be the very minute..."

Hello Damfinoites,

The weekend is upon us and many a happenings be happening. First, "The Last Kiss" opens today - if you don't know about the film, it stars our beloved Zach Braff as a near 30 year old who is getting ready to settle in with his girlfriend. He freaks out when he meets a young horny hottie... things go bad.

A creepy note - Erik Christensen is in the film and Cara went to school with him! She was not really thrilled to see it - then I mentioned he was naked in the film... and her excitement grew. Odd.

Here is the trailer - check it out and go see it - support our boy!

Last Kiss trailer on Vimeo

Also, Brian DePalma has a new thriller hitting theaters - "The Black Dahlia." I actually read the book and the bio by James Ellroy about his own mother that goes along with this. TBD is about an aspiring actress that is murdered - Ellroy's own mother was murdered in such a fashion - thus his interest in the subject.

The film should be entertaining - it is nice to see DePalma back in the mainstream - and pushing Scarlett Johanson along with him!!

Not sure if I will get to see it this weekend - because it is IOWA VS ISU!!!! Cara and I head up to Iowa City tonight to party it up - then off to the game early tomorrow morning. Hopefully all will go well for our boys.

Finally, I am heading out to Vegas next week for some fun with my girly. Should come home plump - drunk - broke - but happy as a puppy with two peters!

Catch ya on the return - somebody post for God's sake!!


Friday, September 08, 2006


Hello folks,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week - things are crazy at work.

Things on my mind; NFL started last night with the Dolphins losing to the Steelers - YAWN!! Culpepper did not look that great - and I am not sure how many points Cara got for having him in the Fantasy Football league.

Hollywoodland opens this weekend - I think Cara and I are seeing it tonight. Should be good. The film is directed by Allen Coulter - my favorite director from The Sopranos... YEAH!

Finally, Iowa is off to Syracuse this weekend. Should be another win - but look on to next week when we play ISU. That will be a season defining game my friend.

I have a slide show from the game last week - enjoy... it is put together with the musical talents of the Hives!

Iowa on Vimeo


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not a huge mistake!

Well fellow fino bloggers our AD journey has come to an end. Season 3 is out in stores now and has alrerady been purchased and watched by the cool kids. I am planning an AD marathon to watch the entire series in one Bluth filled sitting.

We will miss you Michael, George Michael, G.O.B., Lindsey, Tobias, Maybe, Lucile, George Sr. and Buster. May you live on in our DVD players and continue to make us do spit takes for many years to come.

"A sea of waiters and no one will take a drink order."



Friday, September 01, 2006

7 a.m. beer

Last night's shockingly weak game of ISU vs. Toledo opened up our college football season. The Clones did some dirty huck and jive on the poor Toledo Rockets - doing some downright awful officiating and taking cheap shots on a smaller but determined QB. Never-the-less, they came out on top - and Ames is already rocking.

Tomorrow is the day all of us Hawkeye fans have been waiting months for - the first game of the year!

Last year was kind of a disappointment for most of us, watching the boys lose to ISU and go on to a mediocre 7-5 and a jipped loss to Florida. So of course, we have all been speculating how much we can make up for our mistakes - and how far will Tate take us this year!

I have heard crazy talk of 11-1 and some BCS glory - but I am not sure we will get that far. It does not matter anyway - Cara and I have season tickets and we are geared up and ready to party our tails off in IC!

Look forward to weekly pictures (or bi-weekly) from our debaucerous antics in Iowa City before each game. I am sure there will be plenty of fun to throw around.

Tomorrow is Iowa vs. Montana - a glorified warm up... but a Hawkeye game none the less!