Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Run Jedla Run"

The Bix Festival is here again. An anual Davenport, Iowa jazz festival and 7 mile run to honor a long lost famous jazz trumpet player who lived in the area. Our fearless leader, Jed, and his wonderful companion, Cara, are running in the race this weekend in the 90+ degree heat. Let us all wish them well and hope they survive the event.

And one more thing....."Curse the Kenyan's"


Monday, July 24, 2006

"Over the Flop!"

Hello all,

Sheriff, Buttercup and the puppy posse went to Michigan this weekend to visit Flop the Nuts and his family. Fun was had, some hold-em was played and the Dreamworks film"Over the Hedge" was enjoyed by all. The time always seems to go by too fast. Flop has quite an estate up there in God's country so if any of you Fino Blogers are ever in the area be sure to drop in.


ps: Can Pirates ever be stopped? Over 300 million!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its A Family Affair

Okay so I stumbled across some interesting news today and Dan is forcing me (against my will) to put this up on the blog so here it is. I guess some of you knew Carlos and I found this article about him today.
You can read about it by clicking the title "It's A Family Affair."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"How do you get your urine on a corpse?"

Shane Black was a god in my youth! It is crazy how my sense of humor has been molded by this seriously underrated writer. He has worked on some of the finest in popular entertainment (Tony Scott - Richard Donner - John McTiernan) and now has stepped out on his own to direct.

Wait - I f*cked up... let me start again!

I have a soft spot for a funny action flick. I love "Lethal Weapon" - I cherish the finer moments of "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and frankly think that "Predator" is a work of art! All of these films combine action, blood, and humor in their own odd ways. That's where Shane Black comes in.

Damnit - this is not working for me. What the f*ck is wrong with me today. I just want to talk about Shane Black and the movie he made. F*ck a duck.

Anyway, I get a call from the Sheriff last night about 10:30. He has just watched Shane Black's masterpiece "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and cannot contain his joygasm. You see, for Kreitner and I, there is no finer 5 up t&t film than a quality action comedy. And "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" knocks one out of the park for the genre.

The film stars Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Monaghan as three people stuck in a ludicris murder mystery. Val plays Gay Perry - handler to the stars. Downey plays the narrator - often taking high wattage torture to his boys, and Monaghan plays the girl - she shows her boobs.

Christ! There I go - derailing with this review/internal ramble. What the hell does Michelle Monaghan's boobs have to do with anything!??!

The film opened and disappeared without much fanfare last December. I knew it was out there - hell, I at least knew who Shane Black was! But I never caught the film, until it hit DVD. Now, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" does not work that well as a complete film. It really lacks some deep characters and a overall point to it... but what it does do it does really well. It has style coming out of its geriactric extras! The film has tons of little inside gags (Kreitner found a few frames of Richard Greico in the film!!) - and frankly it is just a ball to watch!

Here are the marching orders - go rent - buy - steal "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." You won't regret it.

And Michelle gets naked.

To those in the Midwest - sorry we said f*ck so much!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just found an interesting review of "Lady in the Water" that has sent my old filmic senses tingling!


The writer seems unsure of the film - but not in the "does it suck?" way - but more in the "is it as interesting as I think?" way. The writer stresses that Night has pushed his filmaking style back to classic form - leaning hard on Hitchcock and dropping the artsy shots of his past. He also mentions that the "twist" ending is gone - these are both positive changes.

But Night himself has a large role in the film - and it seems this writer (and most critics I have read) really questions his choice in playing the part.

I was not thrilled to see this - the ads look boring... and "the Village" did not blow my mind. But after reading that review.... I think I will go see it this weekend!


In a row?

Last weekend seemed like the perfect time to hide indoors and stay away from the heat. I skipped "Little Man" and "You, Me and Dupree" - choosing instead to look forward to this jam packed weekend of filmic bliss.

Well, actually, the summer continues to pour out mediocrity and I continue to hand over my hard earned Benjamins for the tripe. Thus the arrival of "Clerks II."

In high school, I thought Clerks was incredible! I had never heard people talk such filth... and endure such offensives (Katlyn screwed a corpse in the bathroom!!!). So it was exciting.

Flash forward 12 or so years, and we have a film that really doesn't offer that many moments of hillarity. The direction is Smith's standardly awkard - and the acting is near unbearable.

Regardless, I had to watch it again (Cara had never seen it!) before the sequel arrived.

So, "Clerks II" it is. Simple name for a film that is sure to be simple in its pleasures. I have been keeping track of the production with TRAIN WRECK - an online video diary of the making. It is a pretty well made series of clips - and it shows several moments from the film. Jason Lee is back - Ben Affleck is back... Smith will once again self reference his work to death!

Am I excited to see the film? Not really - I like the addition of Rosario Dawson, she adds a little class. I like that it is in color. But from there on - I am a little weary.

But really, what else are you going to go see? "My Super-Ex Girlfriend" - "Pirates" again? Frankly, I am just counting the days to "Spider-man 3!"


Monday, July 17, 2006


What a great season so far! I just finished watching all of the new eps from this year and am gripping that i have to wait a week to catch a new episode. This show needs to be expanded to a full hour. I need more of E, Drama and of course Sloan.
Counting the days...

Friday, July 14, 2006


Say it ain't so!

A two month delay for the final chapter.

Damn scooters! Damn cars running into scooters... ...ridden by James Gandolfini.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Do I think you're black? NAAAA

Hey kids,

The crew snuck out to see "Pirates of the Carribean; Dead Man's Chest" this weekend. Most found it repugnent and stale - I enjoyed it! Nothing amazing or groundbreaking here, but I had fun with the film.

Regardless of how it was received, Pirates went on to have the biggest opening weekend of all time! Raking in $55 million on Friday (beating Superman Returns opening weekend number) and going on to make $132 million (stomping on Spidey's $114). That is pretty flippin huge. Bravo Gore, Johnny, Keira, Orlando and Jerry. May they suck the Disney tit for many a days.

New Scrubs cover - whaddup with Zach's hand?


Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Let the great experiment begin!"

Congratulations to Arrested Developement for their Emmy nomination. What a fitting way to exit the scene then to stick it ot Fox for letting them go. Good Luck AD. Kudos also to Scrubs! Did I just hear a gong?

bunny out

ps: congrats also to Denis Leary for his nomination in the dramatic actor cat. for Rescue Me.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tucker Max

He might change your life.

or maybe not..

I had to throw it out there.

I cant put his book down but many of his stories are online.