Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In a row?

Last weekend seemed like the perfect time to hide indoors and stay away from the heat. I skipped "Little Man" and "You, Me and Dupree" - choosing instead to look forward to this jam packed weekend of filmic bliss.

Well, actually, the summer continues to pour out mediocrity and I continue to hand over my hard earned Benjamins for the tripe. Thus the arrival of "Clerks II."

In high school, I thought Clerks was incredible! I had never heard people talk such filth... and endure such offensives (Katlyn screwed a corpse in the bathroom!!!). So it was exciting.

Flash forward 12 or so years, and we have a film that really doesn't offer that many moments of hillarity. The direction is Smith's standardly awkard - and the acting is near unbearable.

Regardless, I had to watch it again (Cara had never seen it!) before the sequel arrived.

So, "Clerks II" it is. Simple name for a film that is sure to be simple in its pleasures. I have been keeping track of the production with TRAIN WRECK - an online video diary of the making. It is a pretty well made series of clips - and it shows several moments from the film. Jason Lee is back - Ben Affleck is back... Smith will once again self reference his work to death!

Am I excited to see the film? Not really - I like the addition of Rosario Dawson, she adds a little class. I like that it is in color. But from there on - I am a little weary.

But really, what else are you going to go see? "My Super-Ex Girlfriend" - "Pirates" again? Frankly, I am just counting the days to "Spider-man 3!"



urnotme said...

Can you say, "Jersey Girl"? Kevin Smith needs to either Die or stop writing and directing movies. This will be the worse sequal since Caddyshack 2.

urnotme said...

or Teen Wolf Too.

Damfino said...

That's some bile spewing from Mr. Prego.

Though - I kind of concur. Watched Chasing Amy a little while ago and I wanted to kill myself.


Damfino said...

BTW - nice red pic.

urnotme said...

Mr. Prego. I like that.

I'm so over Kevin Smith. He's like a fad to me. Like tight rolling jeans was cool in jr high. Only, I still dream that one day that it will come back in style like the bell bottom did.

urnotme said...


Damfino said...

Lead the way my man... lead the way.

Kern said...

Rosario looks delicious.

That is all.