Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Princess filth

No explanation needed.

Trust in Zach

I was out reading Zach Braff's blog and he made mention of a new cd for download on iTunes that he is digging. Joshua Radin's "We Were Here."

3 of the 11 tracks have already been used on Scrubs ("Closer" was used this season!!) - and after listening to the rest I am fully ready to throw my mighty endorsement on it as well. It is definitely in the Simon&Garfunkle/Garden State soundtrack mode... pushed to the folkish limits.

I downloaded it for the $10 - absolutely worth it.

Besides... I am now best buds with Zach Braff!!


Everything ends...

So it's Tuesday and we have some new episodes of Gilmore Girls and Scrubs tonight - excitement abounds!!

Yet, there is a part of me that is ailing... a part that is in fear... a part that is dreading not only the end of this season - but the end of the show entirely.

Gilmore has been running 6 years straight, with the 5th season marking a new high in ratings numbers and this season keeping those numbers solid. It is the WB's second biggest show (7th Heaven being #1)!

Strangely enough though, the series creators, Amy and Daniel Palladino, have not been signed on for the 7th season yet. Amy was quoted in Entertainment Weekly as saying "Come April, I might be working at the Coffee Bean around the corner for all I know!!" The entire cast is signed on for a 7th year, but Warner Bros is stalling on bringing back the creators.

It doesn't make a lot of sense unless you start to think like a studio head. The WB and UPN are creating a new network next season, the CW. The new network will be pushing youth based programming (Aquaman is the new series that they are spending a load on!), highlighting Smallville and Veronica Mars (both shows that have far smaller numbers than Gilmore). Gilmore may be a little too family/older audience for the new station.

That does not mean they will not continue to make it - they will simply cut the budget for it - hire out staff writers to take it over (a lot cheaper than the returning creators!!), and will milk the series until it is dry.

My guess, the show will die creatively next season (cast members don't respond well to having their bosses let go) and ratings will flounder... and the Gilmore name will be no more.

The Palladino's are not changing any of their plans for this season though - apparently we have a major cliff-hanger coming our way!

Scrubs has been missing since the Olympics came strolling into town - it will be nice to have it back!! I am not sure they can top the air band episode that last aired... I think we have watched that 4-5 times already!!

Kreitner - we need to get some sex gongs!!!


Friday, February 24, 2006

I've made a huge mistake!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but failed miserably. Thanks to the Sheriff for the tune (it is in reference to Arrested Development and our discussion yesterday).

Watch Big Yellow Joint now!

Also, I have had this on my desktop for a couple of weeks. If you have not seen the NACHO LIBRE trailer you are missing out. It is going to be a killer flick!

Check it out!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Listen... to me?

We all know that Alexxx is the man when it comes to all things music. Hell, he writes reviews for Tiny Mix Tape!!! Regardless, he lives in Seattle and cannot always guide me fully down the musical path (though his Kern Returns events often ellicit new discs of musical joy!!).

So, to bridge the gap (I almost said fill the gap and with this crew I would have lost them all to filth), I have Dan. He has the love for a new band practically every day! Let's look at some of the quality stuff he has sent my way.

Billy Bragg and Wilco joined up for this 1998 release - Mermaid Avenue. The disc defintely has a country vibe to it - more alt country than anything else (and sadly, I cannot seem to get anyone else into alt county!). The album is a collection of Woody Guthrie tunes that he never released and it has some amazing stuff on it. (Let's see... Kern makes references to songs... hmm) Um.. special track... #1 Walt Whitman's Niece & #4 Birds and Ships (featuring the lovely Miss Natalie Merchant).

A few years later Bragg and Wilco re-united to do another group of songs. More solid stuff - a little heavier than Vol 1 - but still can be put on shuffle with the first album and the sound is consistent! Tracks #4 Hotrod to Hell and #6 Secrets of the Sea!

Yesterday, Dan came across the new Britain wonder Artic Monkeys! These guys are selling like mad in the UK - but I am not sure they have hit it here. Dan read up that some UK press has claimed that this album is instantly in the top 5 greatest British albums of all time.

I am not sure about all of that praise - but it is pretty damn good stuff. The sound is more complete and interesting than Franz Ferdinand - and goes more places than Interpol ever dreamed (I am comparing those just because of the sound... I know Interpol is not from Britain!). You will probably hear a lot more about these guys soon - if they can find a hit to roll out for us off the album. My money is on #11 When the Sun Goes Down... but #10 Mardy Bum is really good!

Sadly, for Arctic Monkeys, I also listened to The Subways yesterday. HOLY CRAP!!! I have played this album 4 times already (I was reading last night - so I just put in on repeat) and plan on ripping it again on the way home. This is some hot peppy stuff from another group of Brits (I think).

Dan told me a little about them - three members - setup a little similar to the White Stripes... and I think he mentioned some issues already with the band splitting... but I am not sure. Anyway, you will not go wrong with the album. Search it out - download it... rip it up! Tracks #1 I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say , #2 Holiday, #4 Mary,and #11 She Sun.

Finally, I think I will be alone on this one... but AFI is kicking my @ss!!!! I first picked up their single "Rabbits are Roadkill on RT 37" - it came with the My Space Records album. I have listened to the song sooo much - that Dan finally downloaded me a new album - Sing the Sorrow. I really really really dig this! I know it is not for everyone (they play rough sometimes... punkish anger - somewhat wrapped in poppy goodness - less Green Day more Rancid). In fact, I am sure Kern is snickering somewhere (deep in the library), but I dont' care. This stuff is great.

Tracks #5 Dancing Through Sunday, #6 Girl's Not Grey, #10 This Celluloid Dream,and #11 The Leaving Song.

Go out and listen you tools.

(Hey - don't blame me for this... no one else was posting)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Fellowship was completed!

Hello all,

Sheriff here to say the entire Kreitner posse had a great time in DM this weekend. Jed and the gang were gracious hosts as always. It was great to meet the "new" girl Cara too. Hope to see you at many more functions(if the sheriff hasn't sent you screaming for ths hills with his off putting brand of gutter filth humor). You put smiles on faces and appear to be a great match for Jed. Also fantastic to see my sister and brother in law and their little slice of heaven Ella Pearl. Watch out this week Flop stay away from the woods or banjo playing freaks. Nice to see Jerry make a late night stop on Sat. too. Jer we miss ya you son of a bitch. Til next time wood chuck chuckers.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Drums...Drums....They Are Here!!!!

Today is the day the fellowship arrives in Kaza Doom...or as most people call Jed's place.

Prepare yourselves for malt beer and roasted meat off the bone. For the time to choose is near and the ring has heard the call of its master.

The beacon is lit and Fino has called for aid.....we will ride for Minas Tirith and save all that is left of mankind.

To arms, to arms!


ps: Acting!

pss: Long live the flesh!

pps: You know it might be cold in London I'm going to keep the sweater

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Open for business...

Finally - here is the poster for this year. I can dig it.


Old Filthy B@stard!

31 looooong years ago me mummy had to be rushed to the hospital - there, she gave birth to a happy go lucky little lad named Josh. He was extrememly laughable - thrilled at every little piece of the world. Content and giddy with his family... then 18 months later Jed was born and the world went to sh*t!

MY BROTHER IS 31!!!! Holy crap - Josh has been running around this place for a while - causin trouble - downing 40's like they were Kool-Aid!

The plans for the evening are a dinner at Texas Road House and gifts to be handed out at home afterwards. I am particulary thrilled with my gift this year... but I am sure Devin's will take the award for most appropriate. We will relay reactions tomorrow.

Yes, that old filthy b@stard is still running strong - drinking like he is 21 - eating cereal at 10:30 pm like his 5 - and entertaining the masses at each house event. We look to another 31 years of Josh-fun.

Here's to my brother - Happy Birthday my boy!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Lala is skirting around her issues - preparing for a skull and bones Johnny Johnny special.

Watch for the pirate death scene - it's a killer.

No matter how much you are jonzing don't drink the kool-aid!


Hap hap happy Valentines Day!

I used to hate this day - then I became ambivalent - but a few years ago, I started to like it again. In fact, this morning I delivered four valentines to my special friends... and the dorky fun of it made me giggle whilst doing the Valentines work.

Here's some V-love to my besties the Kreitners - miss you guys today.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Maybe...maybe not!

While buttercup and I were watching "Three Kings" on Sat. evening I saw a younger but familiar face staring back at me from our television. She had hair in her eyes and two casts on her arms (props) but her eyes and facial features were very familiar. Familiar because I had once again been watching episodes of AD. A young Maybe Funke was staring back at me playing the distressed daughter in the Gulf war #1 film. Buttercup protested, but as the movie progressed I was sure and sought counsel at IMDB.com and my observations proved correct. Once again my perception skills have proved worthy of an upper level CIA position where I sit and stare at mug shots in some twisted game of Concentration.

"Watch out Bin Laden....America wants YOU!" (Insert Stan Smith voice over here)

bunny out

Friday, February 10, 2006

You're gonna get some hop ons... or not!

There are a lot of things in life that are unfair - it's not fair the Hawks lost to Northwestern this week... it's not fair that Jessica and Nick could not make it... but the biggest, most heinous act of unfairity... ahem... is what Fox has done to ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

I know we talk on and on about Gilmore and Scrubs and all sorts of other TV land fun... but Arrested really is the cornerstone of the true love I hold for television comedy. The show came out of nowhere - firing up three years ago with the Bluth company booze cruise being interupted by a gay pride party ("Those homosexuals are so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to set myself on fire.") - and never stopped to take a breath or disappoint in any way.

In our house, we would watch and re-watch and re-watch each and every episode. Hell, the week revolved around buying some Sunday dinner and sitting down to enjoy the new AD for the week (and often after we would re-watch other episodes!!). So much comedy - so many laughs... they all come to an end tonight.

I think we have all heard the complaints about Fox airing the final 4 episodes against the opening of the Olympics... which is essentially the biggest middle finger Fox could stick up Mitch Huriwitz's @ss! Regardless of the evil Fox Co - we need to make sure we take some time and enjoy these final episodes. There is no guarantee that any others will ever be made (and frankly, I think it is totally done - Huriwitz is too worn out and too heartbroken to go through any more).

It is a real shame that the show never took off - the move to Monday's was instant death for it. In fact, it has been given several chances to do well (though its numbers on Sunday night 2 years ago match what Family Guy is doing now!!!). Even the show itself has made reference to the fact that they have been given multiple opportunities to make it... "Maybe the Bluths aren't worth saving?"

I did my damnedest to get the show an audience. I handed out my DVD's... I begged and pleaded everyone at work to watch... but even some of my closest friends refused to invest in the show. Often, it seemed they feared the intelligence level of the series - feeling that the comedy would aim above their heads (or aim for humor that they don't want to have to work to laugh at). Which, honestly, was never the case with the series. It was smart in how it told its jokes... not in the jokes themselves (references were often self-ref... not poppy and hidden like Gilmore).

How different our lives would be... how many hours of pure joy would have been lost if this show would not have made it. 3 years is a good run - even though the past two seasons show orders have been cut substantially (18 year 2... 12 year 3). I guess we can continue to love the show on DVD.

It is just so insanely frustrating to know that such a quality series... such a fantastic half hour of perfect television... couldn't make it. In the end - it feels like we were only given half of a series... a stressed out, always on the edge of cancellation, show. What could they have done with more time... less stress?!?

We will never find out - tonight Aressted Development leaves our world... and we will be far less happy people without it. Take a moment today - give pause - show some love to the series that no one ever gave a chance.

And kick a non-believer in the groinal region for not watching... frankly, it is all their fault!

For now - a day full of AD rememberance is needed.



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's more than a feeling...

Click open iTunes - scroll on down to Boston... and let er rip!!


Guys, last nights SCRUBS was unbelievable.

Mandy Moore joined the cast for the two eps and really did a helluva job as J.D.'s new squeeze. Dev and I got a major kick off her entrance (the classic J.D. 'ewwwzzz' as she falls - and the cover line 'Oooh - I gotta get the carrot cake!') and I giggled uncontrollably at most of their antics!

The unbeatable moment for the evening was the air band sequence at the end. I drove to work today with the image of Ted smiling doing the air guitar solo during "More Than a Feeling!!!"

Both episodes just killed me!

GILMORE continued to kick all sorts of @ss! I was worried coming off last weeks Friday night dinner blow out things would drag again - but thankfully this was one of the more hilarious episodes of the year.

It was nice to see Paris back in rare b*tch form - kicking Rory out! Christopher is always a welcomed presence to the series (why the hell is he not on every week - he is a cool character and a good actor - what else does he got going on?).

The top sh*t no bollocks for the night was the dinner scene with Emily and Richard - Luke and Lor slowly falling into the Gilmore trap. And Emily dropping the June 3rd date evoked some "Oooooh"s from our house. But it did not seem to have any repurcussions (not until the drama returns at least!).

Good good stuff - and I got to watch it with DREEEEEAAA! Which actually was weird - she yelled at me about a minute in becuase I made a comment about how uncomfortable it was to see Rory's cleavage. "NO TALKIE TIL COMMERCIAL!!"

I felt a little burny inside after that. It was like she lit fire to my chest cavity with her angry dead eyes... but then she giggled and went back to the show. Sucked up my manliness, forged on, and acted like I did not wet myself...

Mandy! We hardly knew ya! Come back... come back!!!!


p.s. Oooooh ooh! Just remembered; "Jack Meusterberg - took his life with a Track and Field starter pistol..."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Review Up At TMT

As some of you who have been with me since the days of the Damfinoblog and the earlier days of Listen... know, before I turned into a media gadfly, I mostly reviewed music on here until I got hired by Tiny Mix Tapes, one of the more prominent and interesting places for music criticism and such(said he without trace of hyperbole or bias). Anyway, I got a new review published today and I thought I would share it with you here.


Everything I touch turns to sh*t.

Last night we wrapped up watching Season 1 of The Sopranos - giddy and thrilled with every last drop of its initial year.

Hopefully we shall soon settle in for the second season of the series; a season that I initially thought was the absolute peak of the show - but upon further viewings, felt the quality even out with other years.

To my surprise, Season 3 has started emerging as the high point of the series, creating a build up of story that Season 4 just never seemed to find or live up to (those pesky Russians - I am looking in your direction!!).


No spoilers - Devin is walking through this whole experience for the first time ever. We need to get down to business if we are going to pull this off before March 12!!


BTW DWEEEEEAAAA is coming tonight!!! I gets to watch Gilmore with the old Gilmore Girl herself!!!