Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's more than a feeling...

Click open iTunes - scroll on down to Boston... and let er rip!!


Guys, last nights SCRUBS was unbelievable.

Mandy Moore joined the cast for the two eps and really did a helluva job as J.D.'s new squeeze. Dev and I got a major kick off her entrance (the classic J.D. 'ewwwzzz' as she falls - and the cover line 'Oooh - I gotta get the carrot cake!') and I giggled uncontrollably at most of their antics!

The unbeatable moment for the evening was the air band sequence at the end. I drove to work today with the image of Ted smiling doing the air guitar solo during "More Than a Feeling!!!"

Both episodes just killed me!

GILMORE continued to kick all sorts of @ss! I was worried coming off last weeks Friday night dinner blow out things would drag again - but thankfully this was one of the more hilarious episodes of the year.

It was nice to see Paris back in rare b*tch form - kicking Rory out! Christopher is always a welcomed presence to the series (why the hell is he not on every week - he is a cool character and a good actor - what else does he got going on?).

The top sh*t no bollocks for the night was the dinner scene with Emily and Richard - Luke and Lor slowly falling into the Gilmore trap. And Emily dropping the June 3rd date evoked some "Oooooh"s from our house. But it did not seem to have any repurcussions (not until the drama returns at least!).

Good good stuff - and I got to watch it with DREEEEEAAA! Which actually was weird - she yelled at me about a minute in becuase I made a comment about how uncomfortable it was to see Rory's cleavage. "NO TALKIE TIL COMMERCIAL!!"

I felt a little burny inside after that. It was like she lit fire to my chest cavity with her angry dead eyes... but then she giggled and went back to the show. Sucked up my manliness, forged on, and acted like I did not wet myself...

Mandy! We hardly knew ya! Come back... come back!!!!


p.s. Oooooh ooh! Just remembered; "Jack Meusterberg - took his life with a Track and Field starter pistol..."


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

No touching....I mean no talkie during Gilmore!

Baaaaad Jed.....Baaaaad Jed!

bunny out

ps: has Fox run all the AD's yet for the series?

Ain't Right said...

I second all the accolades Jed gave to Scrubs. I'm loving the two episodes per week but dread the inevitable moment when all the new shows are done.

By the way, Sarah in the first picture on the post

oh my god - yummy.

Damfino said...

We still have quite a few eps to blow through - the back to back shows are kicking it hard.

Loving it!

Sheriff - AD is running all of its final eps this Friday 7-9. All four eps in a row.

Fox is blowing them out of their @ss - putting them against the Olypic opening!

I hate Fox!

Damfino said...

I second the "yummy!"

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Yippieeee, 4 AD's in a row.

No one cares about the winter games.

About as much buzz as Joe Millioinaire right now.


Damfino said...

I would disagree - I bet the games do huge ratings!!

AD - closet hit to the very end. Damnit!

Kern said...

Hmm...well I saw the first Scrubs and it was good. Gilmore was great.

Though I am not personally going to watch the Winter Games, I could see them doing well potentially. At least the opening and closing ceremonies.

I hold as much hope for people watching AD on Friday as I would for seeing a new bottle opener hit the market with Fatty Arbuckle's picture on the package.

Damfino said...

Lookit the big brain on Kern dropping an Arbuckle gag on the unsuspecting blog crew!

And truly filthy at that! My how I have watched you grow my boy.

krysta jo said...

I CANNOT wait for the Olympics. It's the one time (every two years) that I dream of being a super star athlete. This year, I am exceptionally excited about the Luge and the figure skating (of course).

Oh and a side note: Nickelback ROCKED out last Saturday night and secured my passion to become a serious rock star guitar player. Simply amazing. Trapt, however, wasn't worth the price of admission and should have been left in the effing van they pulled into Des Moines in. Default (a long time favorite) played their little rock and roll hearts out and gave a good showing for being the opener for the opener.

Ain't Right said...

A few more Scrubs comments.

I am definitely getting a sex gong, even if I never get to ring it.

If I do I just might yell "Bombs away" at one specific moment.

And I wonder how much those two wanted for that baby?

Kern said...

Thanks Fino. Your acknowledgement made me feel less like the nerdy kid trying to make a joke that falls flat on its ass in front of the cool kids, at which time they pants him in front of the girl he likes, thus scarring him for the rest of his life.

That did not happen to me personally by the way, it's strictly hypothetical.

I must admit, there are some hot female snowboarders this year, but it's unfortunate that they are stuck under 15 layers of clothing.

I for one will be watching AD. I hear that Hurwitz is still mulling over a deal with Showtime for a two season 26 ep deal. Anyone else hear about that?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Braff to a random stage hand regarding Mandy...

"yeah, i'm hittin that"


Kern said...

I feel a little pervy talking about how hot she is now. I remember not too long ago it seemed like she was a little pop princess singing about Candy or something.

I'll give her this far as I know, she's never let any member of the That 70s Show cast stick their exposed wangs anywhere near her. So she's already automatically classier than a good portion of young Hollywood already.

Kern said...

Strike the redundant already if you would please.

Damfino said...

You two are tyring to have a kid?

Hey - I almost bought one yesterday!

Props to Zach for hitting the hottie Mandy Moore... after Entourage.. I think she is really really... cute?

Hmmm - not very manly.


KJ - you are already a rock star in my mind... since you made me the chocolate oatmeal cocaine mix. YOWZA!

Kern said...

Mandy Moore...I'd pound it like Veal Picatta cutlet...

Damfino said...

You are filth Kern - well done.

Kern said...



Sweet, filthy validation at last!

Damfino said...

Heh ha - Kern... you kill me.

Kern said...


You may enjoy the article I'm working on for my blog right now. It's The Crotchety Bastard: Lightning Round Edition. 100 percent of your daily allowance of bitching in bite sized capsule form.