Friday, July 27, 2007

Dark Knight image

Oooooh - The Joker roughs up our lovely miss Rachel Dawes... Batman ain't gonna like that!

Cool new image from THE DARK KNIGHT - coming out next summer. Yummy.


Burton's barber

The San Diego Comic-Con is in full gear this weekend and all sorts of lusty film nuggets are getting out! Marion (Karen Allen) returns in Indy 4! Beowulf trailer debuted! Iron Man footage was shown (sounded uber cool - and there are 4 different Audi's in the film!!! YEAH!)!

But the coolest image I have seen yet is the poster for SWEENEY TODD. The film is a musical (a show I have not heard of) and is being directed by Tim Burton... me likesies!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robot Chicken; Star Wars

Mr. Kreitner and fam came down the other weekend and I was able to deliver his birthday gift... ROBOT CHICKEN Season 1!!!!

I am not sure he has watched any of it... but I love the show. Here is bit of their Star Wars special on youtube!!


Gilmore and more

I had to toss out a little news about the Gilmore world; first, the final season of Gilmore Girls arrives on DVD November 13th. I will purchase it... though I am not sure if I will go through the episodes all over again. They were fun... but a little empty.

On the Amy Sherman-Palladino front - I have seen clips of her new show "The Return of Jezebel James" and I can fully admit... that it is completely horrible. The show is shot in studio like "Seinfeld" with a live audience to view... add in a little Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose... and then a little ASP off the wall dialog... and strangely enough you have a mess of a show.

Hopefully I will be proven wrong... but probably not. HUMPF!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

All I have to say is that this book was fabulous! Took me two days to read the latest Harry Potter book and it was worth diving back into the magical world. All I have to say is that everyone should read the books. Soooo good.

Monday, July 16, 2007

This should play before every movie!!!

Please Kreitner... McCabe... Kern... Schmacker... somebody watch this and tell me it is as perfect as I think it is!!


Weekend reviews

Oh my what a weekend! The family pulled off a secret wedding shower for Josh and Christi on Saturday... and getting the thing to happen without any screw ups was a challenge (i.e. Jed needs to stop napping before pivotal steps in the secret shower process!!). But pull it off we did... and the weekend was shrouded with good times.

So of course, I will be mainly talking about all of the films I watched!

Friday night brought ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

I have enjoyed the Harry Potter series and often times with certain films, have found it truly engaging... though never reaching the beauty and thrill of the LORD OF THE RINGS series. The fifth film stays within my pre-conceived notions of what to expect from a Potter film - while also bumping up the creepiness a tad.

Things get cracking early with a uber cool dementors attack - then stall until the end (and to be honest, I enjoyed the stalling) when the action exploded! Radcliff has taken his acting up a few steps - the direction is clean and exciting - and I found the whole film fun to watch.

Few agreed - I don't know what to tell you. No one seems to agree with me anymore.


THE FOUNTAIN came out last fall and blipped through theaters and critics and everything. Deemed a failure in every aspect - I saved the film for home viewing.

Things start out tough - Aronofsky definitely does not ease the audience into the picture... he has such an abstract brain for direction that he rarely engages anyone with his characters... yet as the film progressed, I completely fell for it's drive. The repeated images... Jackman's tragic roles... Weisz's death covered face... the movie slowly dragged me in.

Yet - I can see why everyone was annoyed. Even the French thought it was over-wrought! I am a sucker though for strong visuals and a dark dramatic tale.

Cara didn't buy it - she was bored - and she made a great point; "Why did they need all of the other stuff - why couldn't it just tell the simple tale of the husband with a sick wife?" It could have... but then it would be a Lifetime movie of the week! "YEAH! We never watch those!"



It was a lazy Sunday and I threw in SHORTBUS to pass the time. I new going in what the catch was - the director of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH made a new flick with real people having real sex and figuring out complex relationships. HEDWIG was pretty damn good - so I was expecting quite a bit.

The film definitely failed for me - characters never once became anything but ideas on a page. The direction tried to be exciting and intriguing... but mostly it faked it. The real sex was... well, it definitely was not sexy... but I suppose it was not supposed to be. I guess it just showed me how I really did not need to see explicit scenes in order to believe in these people... I needed a well handled scene with real dialog to do that!



Thursday, July 12, 2007


With $12 million in the bank for Tuesday midnight screenings - and another whopping $45 million added from Wednesday's premier - this should safely be the biggest HARRY POTTER opening ever!!

I did not get to read ORDER OF THE PHOENIX but I am excited to see the film... well, actually, less excited than the previous entry - but still...

Kreitner's are making the trip tomorrow to come view it!! Baby will have it's first Potter experience (Baby is the name of the Kreitner's soon to be born child that Drea is currently gestating on about!).

Fun shall be had - spooning - and a little Potter for everyone!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rated what?!? MOTHERF*CKER!!!

Online Dating
So I was at one of my favorite sites hollywood elsewhere and saw a post about a blog rater. I love movie ratings - I love how they serve absolutely no purpose except to allow close minded control freaks to know when boobies show up in what films - I love how ratings tell viewers what they can and cannot watch... love the whole thing really.

With this in mind, the concept that my blog or any blog could get a rating, and thusly tell the viewer/reader what they were getting into it, made me chuckle with excitement. So I took a swing and typed in the ol' URL for our beloved damfinoblog in this site.

After all of our filth... after all of the questionable discussions... WE GOT A G RATING!!!! A F*CKING G!!!

Unacceptable. Well, actually, I tend to add "*" and whatnot to the language posted... but that is because some of our readers (among the 4 that we have) read at work - not that it really saves them. Anyway, it just kind of shocked me that the site got a BAMBI like rating.

Free Online Dating
Of course, we can always count on filth-monger elitists like Kern to achieve his goal. Getting some Paul Verhoven SHOWGIRLS love... the discerning Kern ran away with a NC-17.

I guess I need to include more c*cks and dropping deuces on the hind quarters of questionable females - and a little less dorky readings of canceled CW shows.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bland Mel

Got a chance to watch Mel Gibson's APOCALYPTO yesterday and found the film to be pretty damn bland for a super expensive artistic venture! Bland in the sense that the film never went anywhere or showed me anything that I had not seen before.

I really did not have a strong desire to see the film until I caught a documentary about the Mayan culture - the violence and truthfully disgusting ways of their daily lives fascinated me. So I threw the film on the queue for Netflix - fired it up... and got a long film that dips into DANCES WITH WOLVES elements while trying to fake like it is teaching you something new.

Gibson tries to put his artistic mind forward - he starts off with an intriguing tracking shot - yet it's final goal shows the emptiness of the film. The gore - the unbalanced handling of storytelling... none of it really works.

The chase is fun - that's about it... oh, and the jaguar looks really really fake (which is funny - I thought I was watching SAVING SILVERMAN for a moment!).

Tonight is TRANSFORMERS - I am ready to check my brain at the door and try to enjoy the film for what it is - I will let you know next week how it went.

Finally, HBO is airing the entire BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy in HD on Wednesday!!! I am recording and will settle in for 6 hours of pure cinematic pleasure - yes, I am that guy who loves all three films.