Friday, July 27, 2007

Burton's barber

The San Diego Comic-Con is in full gear this weekend and all sorts of lusty film nuggets are getting out! Marion (Karen Allen) returns in Indy 4! Beowulf trailer debuted! Iron Man footage was shown (sounded uber cool - and there are 4 different Audi's in the film!!! YEAH!)!

But the coolest image I have seen yet is the poster for SWEENEY TODD. The film is a musical (a show I have not heard of) and is being directed by Tim Burton... me likesies!!



Kern said...

I have never seen Sweeney Todd, but it's kind of dark and brutal, which was why I smiled a few months ago when I read that it was going to be another Burton/Depp collaboration. It's right up Burton's alley for sure.

Also, Sascha Baron Cohen is going to play the rival barber!!!

Damfino said...

Cohen - Depp - Alan Rickman - Tony Head... all sounds cool!!

Deric said...

Sweeney Todd is a wonderful musical! It is old and was contriversial for it's time. The plot is that Sweeney Todd is barber who loves to kill people, well fortunately for him his lover (a role which earned Angela Landburry the Tony) loves to bake, so they hatch the plan to dispose of the bodies by making mince meat pies. Only, her pies are REALLY good, and soon the demand for the pies starts to outstip Sweeney Todd's ability to discreetly kill people. And that's just the first act. It is a VERY dark comedy, and a real risk for Burton because he could go over the edge on the darkness and lose the comedy or the love affair.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I might have to make time to see this film.


ps: is there an echo in here?