Friday, July 29, 2005

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Here you go

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... chicken... gave me ... a bad coupon

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  • Thursday, July 28, 2005

    The Plane Boss! The Plane!

    In one of the recent threads there was some tattoo talk. In case you were wondering, it was nothing to do with Hervé Villechaize, as much fun as that would have been. So in any case, in honor of Urnotme going to get some ink, I decided to let my own freak flag fly, and show you my body art. Jed may remember actually going with me to get the Gonzo crest tat, as it was my first and I wanted someone to come along and witness the magic.

    I know what you must be thinking...what's a square dude like Kern doing with not one, not two, but three tattoos? I don't think I have an adequate answer for that. Though, I am constantly amused when people that first meet me find out, especially when it's people that see me in a coat and tie a lot. Beneath the Burberry lies the heart of a savage, baby! Damn right! without further ado, here's the tattoos!

    damfino of the day

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  • I am Superman.

    Buttercup is broken

    We are going to the orthopedic surgeon today to see if Miss Drea needs another knee operation. Here's hoping we get some good news. FYI for the Damfino regulars.

    sheriff out

    ps: watched Casino again last night.....Ms. Stone is a true blue hottie....

    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Southern girls are creepy

    Since Miss Krysta did not post many pics, I wanted to toss a few up from her trip to New Orleans.

    Apparently Dan was quite upset that KJ was getting fresh with Kermit here.

    This is Canal street - for some reason I don't often take pictures while crossing busy intersections... but KJ is a crazy cat!

    Krysta and her posse enjoy some tasty-pastries.

    KJ's Saturn after a New Orleans Pimp-My-Ride special!

    Anything you find with the phrase "Huge-ass" must be grabbed and photographed... KJ adds another creepy image to her odd collection.

    For more images head on over to Krysta's own site;

  • New Orleans Pics

  • Perhaps Miss Jo will add a few comments of her own.


    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    Who's a beatnik?

    Finally, after nearly a month of putting it off and wandering through Kerouac's narrative, I finished "On the Road." My roomate, Jerry, asked if it was worth it. I said "yes, cuz now I can say I have read it!" And then he asked who would care about that... I had always supposed that this was the coolest of the cool reads - the hip journey through a beatnik world. Really though, I found the journey to be very sad... and somewhat disturbing how many lives were destroyed by selfishness!

    Similar to my foray into Faulkner (quit "The Sound and the Fury" after 100 pages), Kerouac made reading work - I hate that. Finishing it did not bring a sense of completion... more odd wonder at what this book represented to those beatniks who lived their lives in such a manner.

    With the freedom to read whatever... I jumped into Bruce Campbell's "Make Love* the Bruce Campbell Way!" I got a fair amount read at the lake on Sunday... and thanks to my braindead choice of going sans-sunscreen, I was able to finish the book yesterday whilst on sick leave. Not nearly as fun as his previous auto-bio (If Chins Could Kill), yet still entertaining in that cheap Campbell way. And yes - I now have a stellar man-tan.

    To wrap things up - I have moved into Bret Easton Ellis' "American Psycho." My good friend Mr. Kern was gracious enough to bring along a copy from Seattle. This is my first reading of Ellis' work, and my initial reaction is WOW! I am learning far more about Gucci suits and if brown loafers can be wore with pin stripes than I ever wished. Actually, the character reminds me of my brother in law, Dan. He can sit there and spin on the waredrobe choices of every person at a table (Ellis takes up several pages explaining each piece of material worn... and the designer who made it) and then out of nowhere mention he has a serated knife in his breast pocket and wants to slice up the face of his friend. Hmmmm. Looking forward to more Patrick Bateman fun (and a reviewing of the film after!).

    One last note - my sister rules!!! She is currently kicking some Meredith @ss downtown - WAY TO GO KID!!!


    Monday, July 25, 2005

    Everyone wish Holly Good Luck!!

    Today is her first day. Good Luck Holly!

    Music Reviews Are Go!

    Hey everyone. After a relatively dead week, I've gotten back to doing the music reviews everyone loves(I hope they do, anyhow). Use the handy link at the side there to go to my blog so you can see them.

    I'm back, and I'm verbose, baby!

    Friday, July 22, 2005

    I wear my flip flops...

    Ok y'all. Here are some random pictures courtesy of Krysta Jo.

    This is me at the Cafe Dumond in New Orleans. At this point I am totally gross and sweaty and in desperate need of beer, wine, or just a Diet Coke and a Beignet. Ahhh the food in New Orleans.

    And this is me and Dan. Aren't we pretty? This was at the hometown bar and evidently someone else had my attention at that point in time. Way to go me.

    Thursday, July 21, 2005


    Alright people... IT'S ON!!!

    The original plan was to head out on opening night, August 5th... but sadly I have been recruited to join some close friends at the viewing of a loss of bachelorhood at the hands of young nubile vixens.

    SO - Saturday, August 6th, a group will form and make their way the only way they know how. Right over to Jordan Creek 20plex for a viewing of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Shocking.. I know. But here is the catch - we are going dressed up in total hick/cowboy getup. I am in the process of getting some boots (cowboy boots... hard to get free ones and I ain't buying them) and I am frantically searching for the appropriately hick belt buckle!

    The gang dresses up (with the ladies decked out in full on Daisy Duke garb!) and we hit the flick. Then, to wash off the nausea, we head out to a bona-fide country club. We walk up to the bar - do a round of shots... and kick it hick style for as long as we can hold out.

    Invitations to all... especially to the Sheriff and his missus! Miss Drea is damaged at the moment... but we would love for her to be around for the massive event!! Seeing the Sheriff two step in his own cowboy boots will be priceless enough.

    To rev you up - check out the international trailer for the flick - loads of new images.

  • Dukes International Trailer

  • Also, head out to the website and download yerself a nice Daisy Desktop (and pimp out yer own General Lee!!!!)

  • Dukes Web Site

  • Plan on the 6th - get your hick swirv on!! YEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!



    September 27th!!! YA-YA!!

    A Shameless Plug

    Hi all. I just wanted to let you all know that in addition to the music reviews which are coming back next week, I am now throwing in the odd mention of books and films/tv.

    In general, I will revel in being the pop culture whore everyone knows me as.

    Drop in sometime, and please make a comment if you have a second.

    Carry on, party people.

    ... will I ever learn - c'mon.

    I think we all owe a great debt of gratitude to David Chase - it seems that the Sopranos has paved the way for stylistic-quality television to find its way back into our homes. Aside from the usual HBO suspects - FX has gone and created its own group of well made filmic hours.

    I just wrapped up the 12 episodes of RESCUE ME - Denis Leary's solution to the bomb that was THE JOB. The show definitely has a good idea behind it - stepping into the lives of Ladder 62, finding out what life is like after 9/11. The concept is right in your face for the first few episodes and also the finale... but in between, the series follows various crew members as they deal with family issues and the creepy problems of threesomes.

    Actually, the series is pretty rough - the characters are bitter, racist-bigots... extremely flawed individuals, who put their lives on the line daily. Kinda a reversal of Tony Soprano and his crew.

    The writing is sometimes sloppy - and a little "TVish." Leary's character is well written... with gigantic character issues (he has ghosts following him around... he lies-cheats-abuses every one around him).

    The opening montage is set to the Von Bondies "C'mon,C'mon" - a choice that I initially did not care for. I spoke with Kern a tad... he felt not only did it work well for the editing (which of course it does) he also found some interesting lyrics to apply to the show. Here they are;

    On another day c'mon c'mon
    With these ropes I tied can we do no wrong
    Now we grieve cause now is gone
    Things were good when we were young
    With my teeth locked down I can see the blood
    Of a thousand men who have come and gone
    Now we grieve cause now is gone
    Things were good when we were young
    Is it safe to say? (c'mon c'mon)
    Was it right to leave? (c'mon c'mon)
    Will I ever learn? (c'mon c'mon)
    (c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon)

    Good stuff - Netflix it soon.

    My big brother Josh is off to an interview today. Good luck old man - remember to give a wink to the interviewer!


    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    Returned To Sender

    Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that I made it safely made it home yesterday and that I had had a great time. Thanks to Jed, Jerry, and Josh to their awesome hospitality.

    Also, a big thanks to everyone who showed up. Besides Christmas and Thanksgiving, this is probably the most important gathering I'm a part of during the year. Hopefully when Jed has some time, he'll be able to post some of the pics I sent. I guess for that matter I could, come to think of it.

    Well, eventually someone will do it. They are pretty sweet pix to be sure.

    Monday, July 18, 2005

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    We've had a blow out!

    The Kern hath returned... and many a drunken follies hath followed! Alex (who is currently napping on my couch - he is a fetal position man) arrived around 3 on Friday and proceeded to enlist about 20 followers to come to his shindig. It was quite a time - drinks, good tunes, 4 square... and a crotchial blow out that left most of us in giggles. Poor urnotme, he got so excited during the 4 square game, that he did not notice his pants tear a hole in the crotch. The rest of the night was filled with references and occasional crotchial skin flashing that was nauseating to all involved.

    Regardless - our crew held out for many hours - drinking and having a ball. Sympathy goes out to all who miss the event! DISLOCATING NEWS!!!!

    Miss Drea has gone and injured herself again. She had just recently recovered from a stomach churning toe breaking incident... now she has gone and dislocated her knee. Aparently, Drea and Jennifer were playing drunken monkey this weekend - with Jennifer showing off her acrobatic skills by doing cartwheels... Drea, always up for a challenge, joined in the fun.

    The Sheriff and Drea have already made one trip to the hospital and are returning today - here's hoping for good news.

    Finally, I did get out to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Twas absolutely marvelous... I was giggling during the opening credits!! The kids were perfect - Depp's performance was hilarious... and the additions to the story were well balanced and wonderful.

    Check it out... no disapointments baby!


    Friday, July 15, 2005

    I always wanted to eat the kids...

    Finally, I have been excitedly watching the ads... watching the trailer over and over... chanting the Willy Wonka song with the Sheriff... now it has opened.

    It seems that most critics are happy - some citing Depp's portrayal as the flaw. I cannot wait to see this!!! I do love most of what Tim Burton does... though Planet of the Apes is really terrible. Big Fish is marvelous... and I hope this film will be as well.

    Jennifer has alluded to seeing the pic via IMAX in Davenport.. and let it be known - if the Sheriff and his posse see Charlie via IMAX without me... all future cuddling will evaporate.

    Looks yummy... get out and see it.

    Ler's hear it for the boy!

    Counting the minutes Kern! LET FLY!

    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    The Old Man's Back Again

    As you read this, I am most likely either on a plane, or running my winded arse through Denver airport. I wanted to say a couple of things before I land back in my old stomping grounds.

    First, I want to thank Jed for his hospitality, both at his house and on the blog. He's letting me crash when I come in, and when I became a regular commenter here, it felt good that he encouraged me to start posting some stuff about music and it's got me doing disciplined writing for the first time in several years, which is huge for me. So there is that.

    Second, I am so excited to see everyone you have no idea. The people from my Carmike days were like a second family to me during a time that I really needed people, and they were there. I am equally enthused about meeting some of the fascinating individuals who I've had the good fortune to meet on the board.

    Also, I want to extend an invitation to you all to see my new blog at

    Listen! Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen!!!

    Perhaps make a comment or something so it doesn't look so bare. Right on.

    See you all soon!

    Random Post

    You want a random post? Huh? Huh?

    Answer me damn it!

    Yeah! Check that shit at the door.

    Fight the power.

    F*CK EMMY!!

    Well - another year, another hot poker up the @ss of Amy and Daniel Palladino. No love from the Emmy voters for Gilmore Girls. Nada - nuttin. No Lauren Graham - no Kelly Bishop... and no Amy!!!! How can they do this year after year?!?!?

    On the plus side, Scrubs got some major love for the first time. Comedy series and writing - and major major time for Zach Braff... best actor nom.

    AD again is heralded by Emmy - Tambor, Bateman, comedy series, writing. All of the top stuff. Guess we know who we are pulling for.

    It is all crap anyway. Man... if I could send ol' Amy and Daniel a bottle of Makers....... damn.