Monday, July 18, 2005

We've had a blow out!

The Kern hath returned... and many a drunken follies hath followed! Alex (who is currently napping on my couch - he is a fetal position man) arrived around 3 on Friday and proceeded to enlist about 20 followers to come to his shindig. It was quite a time - drinks, good tunes, 4 square... and a crotchial blow out that left most of us in giggles. Poor urnotme, he got so excited during the 4 square game, that he did not notice his pants tear a hole in the crotch. The rest of the night was filled with references and occasional crotchial skin flashing that was nauseating to all involved.

Regardless - our crew held out for many hours - drinking and having a ball. Sympathy goes out to all who miss the event! DISLOCATING NEWS!!!!

Miss Drea has gone and injured herself again. She had just recently recovered from a stomach churning toe breaking incident... now she has gone and dislocated her knee. Aparently, Drea and Jennifer were playing drunken monkey this weekend - with Jennifer showing off her acrobatic skills by doing cartwheels... Drea, always up for a challenge, joined in the fun.

The Sheriff and Drea have already made one trip to the hospital and are returning today - here's hoping for good news.

Finally, I did get out to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Twas absolutely marvelous... I was giggling during the opening credits!! The kids were perfect - Depp's performance was hilarious... and the additions to the story were well balanced and wonderful.

Check it out... no disapointments baby!



urnotme said...

Where are the pics?

I know everyone is dying to see my crotch(shots)!

And you almost forgot about Jet Skiing. It was the best yet.

Damfino said...

I know... pics will have to wait. Kern was the only one who took them... might be able to get them on Jer's computer.

You need to post pics from jet skiing and relay the giant wave imagery!!

QueenB said...

yikes, urnotme... trying to show off your man charms again?

urnotme said...

Ha! Nice. I don't need to show off.


Yeah so I am off today. There are tons of things to do around the house today, but I don't feel like doing any of them. I'm thinking maybe I should go get my tattoo done.

Nice post from the FabuolousK on your blog Queen.

urnotme said...

Damfino - I'm on the pics

Damfino said...

Post pics - you should also take the dogs out.. it is beautiful outside!

QueenB said...

yeah that was funny. Your off today? :( Im off Tuesday. I bought Weird Science last night. I wish I could stay home and watch it today. Your getting a tattoo? of what?

urnotme said...

I'm trying to figure out how to post pics...I've forgotten

She actually took a picture of her ass!! Jeez.

I'm fixing my tattoo. Or upgrading if you will. You can see it in one of the pics i'm about to post

Weird Science? That's where they creat Kelly Lebrock or something right?

You burn Hot Hot Heat yet??

QueenB said...

Ill do it today! sorry. I have to burn Gorillaz for JW too.

urnotme said...

Nah it's all good. Wow, you've been picking up some good stuff lately. What do you think of the Gorillaz?