Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A long time ago - we used to...

I don't know if it is just the weather - the yearly winter funk that happens - but I am just worn out on almost all of my TV shows.

I still laugh at the Office, love 30 Rock... but Scrubs is not really doing anything for me... Gilmore is way off it's track...

and Veronica Mars has got nothing going for it.

I have not seen last nights episode but last weeks big death was a complete joke!!! In fact, last weeks episode was handled so horribly... Richard Greico swinging a bat like a moron killing off a character that I really enjoyed!!

The episode where Veronica was arrested had a few moments of humor - it also had a cute storyline of Logan taking care of the younger sister of Dick's weekend chickadee (that was fun to watch too - "We got married!!! - I need a divorce lawyer!!"). The episode had some life - but overall this season has been a major major letdown!!

I am getting this feeling that TV shows should only run for a limited number of episodes... perhaps only as long as the creative idea behind the show comes to fruition (that would have Veronica Mars ending when Lily Cane's murder was resolved).

The Sopranos does a decent job of stepping away and taking some time to figure out where to go... but it also falters at times, producing stories and episodes that fail to live up to the quality the show deserves.

I feel nothing for Veronica... nothing for Lorelai... nothing for J.D.

What the hell am I doing wasting my time watching then?


Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Heart Scorsese

Last night's Oscar show was a big one for Martin Scorsese. Not only did The Departed take home the Best Picture Oscar, but Scorsese nabbed the best director trophy as well.

Scorsese's win was a long time coming (he has been a genius from Mean Streets and on!!) and having his friends/contemporaries Coppola-Lucas-Spielberg hand the award to him was quite fitting!

The show itself was blase - Ellen did ok as host. As usual, it was long and filled with tedious moments of crap (long speeches - stupid shadow dancer bits - lame presenter scripts) - but there was a few moments that kept my excitement churning.

The Jack Black/Will Ferrel/John C. Reily number was the best moment of the night. I found it on youtube - posted below!

Overall, it was nice to see my favorite film of the year win... it was nice to see Scorsese up there... it was nice.

I am afraid though, my passion for the Oscars has long since deflated.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I had a moment last night... I was at my sister's house with Cara - I had cooked up a mighty meal of steak-veggies-potatoes au gratin... and I was holding little Maddy...

then my phone rang.

It was Andrea - but I had Maddy and I thought she was calling about Gilmore which I was missing... so I let the call go.

I held Maddy - looked into her beautiful eyes... and cherished the little drooley smile she gave me.

Then the phone rang again... Greg? I thought I had better take this.




Look for a baby Kreitner to come along sometime next fall.... man... the world is changing.

I am so happy for you guys... love you both!!!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday "Flop the Nuts"

Let us all raise our glasses to one of our members having a birthday today. Brian McCabe turns thirty-ish today.

And by glasses I mean drinking not reading.


Ps: Let us also share a little moment we have shared with Flop to honor him. Kern Returns 2006, after a long night of drunken fun Flop takes five out on the back porch to get some air. 2 hours later sheriff asks 'where is flop?" We find him asleep on the back concrete stoop. Classic.


P.S.S. This is Damfino - I have added a nice little slide show of images from the last time Flop came down to hang out. The video is set to "Alive and Kickin" by the Simple Minds - it ran through my head when we discovered him out on the porch.

Happy Birthday bud - YO!

In your 30's...

When one gets to a certain age, one must stop and reflect on his past experiences. The good times... the rough times... those times when you were awkward... those times when you exceeded even your own expectations...

Those times when you lived.

Then there is that certain age when it is just better to deny that it is even your birthday.

Josh is at that age.

32!?!??!? My brother Josh is moving well into his 30's taking leaps in life changes!! He lives with his fiance!!! He is getting married!! (that probably should have come first) He has finally stopped wearing his jeans up past his belly-button!!!

Here are some pics I had on my computer (mostly courtesy of Jeremy). I am digging his Iowa shirt!

Gosh - that is just embarrassing.

The Triad of Terror!!

Dang - I look good in stripes!

Anyway, today is the man's birthday - 32 years of the "thing" - and many more to come.

Happy Birthday Brother! Love ya!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Findlay Entertainment

I gotta send you guys out to my little brother's website - he is working hard on blogging everyday and he is also podcasting. You can visit his site by the link on the right side... but you can also subscribe to his podcast here.

It is pretty darn cool! Especially this week's episode... most of it is about me.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

My World is Collapsing........

We now mourn the death of Anna Nicole Smith. And Barbaro is gone too. My world is collapsing!

Upgrade my @ss!

Cross your fingers kids - I just moved the Damfinoblog to the new version of blogger... oh boy!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Porkins for sale!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

big boy

Big Boy is here.

Enjoy all,


Monday, February 05, 2007

Best of the ads

Bears lost - rough game for us Chicago lovers. In fact, I don't want to talk about it.

But here is the best ad of the night - the rock, paper, scissors one was good too.


Friday, February 02, 2007

FOB tune

Guys - Here is one tune off of the new album - "Bang the Doldrums." It is my favorite song so far.


Knocked Up... um... it is just a movie title!

From Judd Apatow - director of "The 40-Year Old Virgin" comes what looks like another home run.

Watch trailer and R-rate trailer here.

Funny, funny stuff!!



Damfino returns with another exciting look into his musical insights and album reviews... um... ok, so I don't have the verbal power of Mr. Kern - nor do I have the music scene passion that he holds... but, I do listen to quite a bit of tunes (I drive 45min each way every day - all iPod - no radio for me baby!) and I have a blog... so, sorry, y'all gotsta suffer.

I stole "Infinity on High" from Stevens yesterday (I got to play with Maddy for almost 20 min by myself!!! She is so cute... and completely willing to yak all over me! I did get to see Holly pull a major bogey out of her nose!!) and I have listened to the complete album 3 times.

I can dig it.

Fall Out Boy is definitely a non-Kern-confirmed band, music that I am sure makes Alexxx tweak for a hit of an arsenic laiden roaster! I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy the tunes that FOB pounds out for the masses. In fact, their previous release "From Under the Cork Tree," still makes it's rounds on my iPod playlist!

FOB completely embraces their pop aspirations - hitting their riff writing strides with "This Ain't a Scene, "It's a God Damn Arms Race." Expect the tune to play a while on the charts. The rest of the album definitely has some catchy moments. Though, thankfully, the music never slides into obligatory "Nickelback" territory. By that I mean, FOB writes heavy-ish tunes, filled with Lyndsey Lohan loving ("but it hurts to watch you work the room!") and Killers hating (listen for the synth-ish mocking in a couple songs) grooves - but FOB never feigns their passion. They never write the standard love song set to sell millions.

They still bite at you! I can slip into their poppy rattle anytime.

Fall Out Boy: "Infinity on High"

Finally got the new countertop in - here is me yanking out the old one.

Totally out - ready to have the wall spackled and painted

Jed has some magical mime-ish leaning skills.

New sink and faucet - paying the plumber was the best $200 I have spent in a while.

Finished!!! Looks pretty damn good... Cara digs it too.

Remember - BEARS ON SUNDAY!!!!

Pce out kids


Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Post At Listen!

Like the first flakes of pristine winter snow, it's the first Crotchety column of the year.

Come and get it, boys and girls.

Hugs and ****,