Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I had a moment last night... I was at my sister's house with Cara - I had cooked up a mighty meal of steak-veggies-potatoes au gratin... and I was holding little Maddy...

then my phone rang.

It was Andrea - but I had Maddy and I thought she was calling about Gilmore which I was missing... so I let the call go.

I held Maddy - looked into her beautiful eyes... and cherished the little drooley smile she gave me.

Then the phone rang again... Greg? I thought I had better take this.




Look for a baby Kreitner to come along sometime next fall.... man... the world is changing.

I am so happy for you guys... love you both!!!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I am numb still form the fact that we decided to start "trying" on Feb. 1 and my wife tells me she is preggo on Feb. 20th. I thought old sperm didn't swim as well?

Thank you for the nice post Jed. I feel a little like Robert Redford at the end of "The Candidate"
what do I do now?


daddy to be,


Damfino said...

When a Kreitner puts his mind to something... he does it.

Goes for his sperm as well I guess.

Kern said...

Oh my God. The prophecy has been fulfilled.

I kid. Wow, that's amazing news, congrats to the Sheriff and BC.

Sheriff, the fact that one's sperm doesn't turn to powdered milk product when they get to a certain age is most encouraging. Perhaps by the year 2020 I will have finally stuck my junk into something besides the library books and I too might know the thrill of procreation.

Congrats again, my friends!!!!

Damfino said...

Kern - you bring it all into perspective so well.

Side note - Britney is off her meds -time to try to hit that.

Kern said...


As far as Brit goes, I don't want to get anywhere near that until she either gets a wig or grows some hair back. Somehow the idea of making passionate, hot love to an extra from THX 1138 doesn't really turn my crank.

Also, does anyone find it ironic that now her nether regions have more hair than the top of her head?

Ick. Just ick.

Deit Heimley said...


You know, I was going to say something very nice about the ability of older balding men not hitting mark as often, but with increased accuracy, and you had to go and ruin it with filth. Disgusting I say!!

Well, congrats Sheriff. Though Jed's post scared me a little. I thought he was leading up to an announcement about his own parental status. That would just be freakish.

Alexander said...

Deit-Don't forget, this is the Damfinoblog we're talking about.

I also thought Jed was going to announce that he was going to be a proud papa. I'm sure we'll be getting that one in the not so distant future, though.

krysta jo said...


Baby's ROCK

Shua! said...

Wow big news congrats to the Sheriff and Buttercup!

yo-mom said...

CONGRATULATION Greg and Andrea! Definitely a gift from God, right Jed. Maddy can vouch for that. They are blessings.