Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Heart Scorsese

Last night's Oscar show was a big one for Martin Scorsese. Not only did The Departed take home the Best Picture Oscar, but Scorsese nabbed the best director trophy as well.

Scorsese's win was a long time coming (he has been a genius from Mean Streets and on!!) and having his friends/contemporaries Coppola-Lucas-Spielberg hand the award to him was quite fitting!

The show itself was blase - Ellen did ok as host. As usual, it was long and filled with tedious moments of crap (long speeches - stupid shadow dancer bits - lame presenter scripts) - but there was a few moments that kept my excitement churning.

The Jack Black/Will Ferrel/John C. Reily number was the best moment of the night. I found it on youtube - posted below!

Overall, it was nice to see my favorite film of the year win... it was nice to see Scorsese up there... it was nice.

I am afraid though, my passion for the Oscars has long since deflated.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I also thought the black/farrel/reily musical number was the high point of the show.

I bailed after seeing the suporting male/female awards.

I have the departed on my Q to watch. Hadn't seen any of the big films except "Little Miss Sunshine"

Glad Arkin won for LMS. HE killed his little part.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

How does "Happy Feet" beat out "Cars" for best animation???

Pixar backlash by the voters?

C'mon "Happy Fucking Feet?"

Does Robin Williams carry that much weight?

A musical/dance film and they can't get a song nominated...but Cars did.

KERN where are you with an appropriate "Crotch rant"

A travisty in my mind


Damfino said...

Dude - George-Freaking-Miller... he is a genius. I have not seen Happy Feet but I sure don't fear it.

BTW - I thought you said "I 'balled' after seeing the suporting male/female awards."

I thought it was a little odd... but then shrugged and moved on.

krysta jo said...

Eh - I caught about 15 minutes of it last night about the time they gave the best actress award. Then I fell asleep. That was how well it kept my attention.

Paintings done. Moving in this week.

Damfino said...


For those who didn't quite catch it.


Kern said...

I thought about doing a Crotchety rant, but the problem was it was all so vanilla and non-offensive, I couldn't really get too worked up. It didn't feel as though anyone got anything that they didn't deserve, except for Melissa Etheridge getting best song, which was a bloody travesty.

Overall, as long as LMS didn't sweep a bunch of awards or get best pic, I was generally cool with things.

I had reservations about the Ferrell number for a brief second when Jack Black came out and began chewing the scenery like a bloated, tuxedoed termite, but John C. Reilly's steady hand and sweet, sweet voice saved the day.

In re: Happy Feet, while I did rant about it a while ago, that really had less to do with the movie than it's packaging. Couple that with the fact that I hate nearly everything Robin Williams has done in the last ten years, except for his more serious roles, and that adds up to why I am not excited about the prospect of Happy Feet. Plus, as Jed said, George Miller seems pretty cool.

That's what I've got for now.

Kern said...

Oh, one more thing regarding Helen Mirren.

I'd like to slam that Granny in the Fanny.

That is all.

Damfino said...

I must concur with Kern... I had naughty thoughts about Mrs. Hackford... uh... Mirren.

kern said...

I still have to go to the library when I think about her role in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover...

c-note said...

You boys are gross and small.


kern said..., I...uh, geez, I'm totally embarrassed now.

(hangs head in shame)

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Saying that they are gross is one thing...but commenting on the size of their manness in an open forum like this is just wrong.


ps: welcom to the filth Cara!

kern said...

Sheriff-It's ok. I think everyone in DM read about me on any number of truck stop bathroom walls in the greater tri-state area.

Damfino said...

Why is Kern posting at 4:47 am?


kern said...

I was talking to my friend Siren and saw the new post after I got off the phone. It was technically 2:47 for us West Coasters.

Also my above post should have read "any number of truck stop bathroom walls and post office flyers in the greater tri-state area."

I'm tired and not posting with my usual coherence this morning...ugh.

Alexander said...
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Alexander said...

Sorry, Fino. Double posted.

Bad Kern.

Damfino said...

What up with "alexander" and not seeing your pic?

Kern said...

Right, that's because the New Blogger is obnoxious and uses the Gmail accounts as the user name.

I have two Gmail accounts, and one has my name as Kern with my pic, but it's the one I use less. I forget to switch it, erego we have me as alexander. I gotta remember that!