Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Films of 2008

2008 is quickly drifting away and sadly, I only saw 17 films this year! I thought I might toss them up here to share with all. Frankly, after listing them and making a top 10 - I am a little sick. I really need to get out and see some good stuff.

Films of 2008 - from best to worst;

The Dark Knight: A
- Yeah, Chris Nolan did a fine job of following up Batman Begins. TDK moves and shakes and is filled with many wonderful moments that tower over its faults (of which it has many). I was entranced by Ledger's performance - really enjoyed how much Harvey Dent was a part of the plot... and tolerated the ending. I wish Nolan would go back and make this puppy a 3&1/2 hour epic that appropriately deals with Two-Face - but we will take this brilliant piece the way it is!

Wall-E: A-
- Pixar nails it again. Though I did hate that the humans were real live actors to start then turned into animated creatures... hmpf.

Iron Man: A-
- Solid - Downey Jr. Rocks!

Tropic Thunder: A-
- Solid - Downey Jr. Rolls!

In Bruges: B+
- I could listen to Colin Farrell talk all day in this flick.

Speed Racer: B+
- Shocked the hell out of me... the critics demolished it! Not very fair - I enjoyed this film a ton!!!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: B+
- Pretty damn funny - thought it might be better... s'alright.

The Incredible Hulk: B
- Bit of a bummer - some good action sequences.

27 Dresses: B-
- Cara liked it, I did not hate it.

Sex and the City: C
- Cara loved it, I did not.

Step Brothers: C-
- Reign it in boys... 80% garbage.

Sex Drive: C-
- Too bad, loved the trailer.

The Bank Job: C-
- Nope - boring.

The Foot Fist Way: C-
- Funnier as a 5 minute video.

Semi-Pro: D
- Bad year for Ferrel, what the hell were they thinking here?

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian: D
- Got drunk with Cara, Sara, and Jerry... and still hated this.

21: D-
- I love poker... I nothing'd this movie.

NOT MENTIONED: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: No Grade
- Uh, I can't even really talk about this film... most of the experience has been erased from my mind.

That's all I got out to see! A little depressing. Nothing compared to last year.

Watch out - LOST is coming on January 21st!!!!