Thursday, February 15, 2007

In your 30's...

When one gets to a certain age, one must stop and reflect on his past experiences. The good times... the rough times... those times when you were awkward... those times when you exceeded even your own expectations...

Those times when you lived.

Then there is that certain age when it is just better to deny that it is even your birthday.

Josh is at that age.

32!?!??!? My brother Josh is moving well into his 30's taking leaps in life changes!! He lives with his fiance!!! He is getting married!! (that probably should have come first) He has finally stopped wearing his jeans up past his belly-button!!!

Here are some pics I had on my computer (mostly courtesy of Jeremy). I am digging his Iowa shirt!

Gosh - that is just embarrassing.

The Triad of Terror!!

Dang - I look good in stripes!

Anyway, today is the man's birthday - 32 years of the "thing" - and many more to come.

Happy Birthday Brother! Love ya!



Kern said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Josh! Make sure you do something I wouldn't do, that is to say, anything smattering of fun.

krysta jo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH - Have a great day!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

happy birth day josh.

the count down to 40 has begun.


Shua! said...

Wow another birthday has come and gone!

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

Fino I liked that Hawk shirt I bet it ended up as one of our rags to change oil.

So cool to see Holly with the hair and Jeremy with his awesome fro...

Later yo's


yo-mom said...

Nice post Jed. I DO like the pictures. Jeremy had some that I don't remember. Nice looking family!!! Like the happYness! Always a Hawk fan. Happy 32st, Josh. Geeeee, I have such thoughtful children!