Friday, February 02, 2007


Damfino returns with another exciting look into his musical insights and album reviews... um... ok, so I don't have the verbal power of Mr. Kern - nor do I have the music scene passion that he holds... but, I do listen to quite a bit of tunes (I drive 45min each way every day - all iPod - no radio for me baby!) and I have a blog... so, sorry, y'all gotsta suffer.

I stole "Infinity on High" from Stevens yesterday (I got to play with Maddy for almost 20 min by myself!!! She is so cute... and completely willing to yak all over me! I did get to see Holly pull a major bogey out of her nose!!) and I have listened to the complete album 3 times.

I can dig it.

Fall Out Boy is definitely a non-Kern-confirmed band, music that I am sure makes Alexxx tweak for a hit of an arsenic laiden roaster! I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy the tunes that FOB pounds out for the masses. In fact, their previous release "From Under the Cork Tree," still makes it's rounds on my iPod playlist!

FOB completely embraces their pop aspirations - hitting their riff writing strides with "This Ain't a Scene, "It's a God Damn Arms Race." Expect the tune to play a while on the charts. The rest of the album definitely has some catchy moments. Though, thankfully, the music never slides into obligatory "Nickelback" territory. By that I mean, FOB writes heavy-ish tunes, filled with Lyndsey Lohan loving ("but it hurts to watch you work the room!") and Killers hating (listen for the synth-ish mocking in a couple songs) grooves - but FOB never feigns their passion. They never write the standard love song set to sell millions.

They still bite at you! I can slip into their poppy rattle anytime.

Fall Out Boy: "Infinity on High"

Finally got the new countertop in - here is me yanking out the old one.

Totally out - ready to have the wall spackled and painted

Jed has some magical mime-ish leaning skills.

New sink and faucet - paying the plumber was the best $200 I have spent in a while.

Finished!!! Looks pretty damn good... Cara digs it too.

Remember - BEARS ON SUNDAY!!!!

Pce out kids



Kern said...

Fino-That pic with the iPod cracked my shit up, as did the arsenic roaster line.


Remind me to get you a copy of The Twilight Sad's first EP, I think you'd like it.

Oh, and the counter is standing tall as well.

Damfino said...

I have not gotten Crotchety over at Listen yet Kern - I was out all day yesterday!

Kern said...

Yeah, I was just being funny over there. Usually my friend Neal comes through with some sort of biting comment and I thought I'd flush him out.

Unfortunately, it's not as funny as I'd hoped. I have some better stuff for next week, kind of more in line with the Math thing from last week.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I see hot wings in that counter tops future...real soon...


Damfino said...

Wingies... yummmmmmmmmm

FlopTheNuts said...

I like the double-ended, uh... Double-ended um... Double-ended er...

I like the faucet that looks like a double-ended imitation male-organ. (I'm talking about the pic below the pic of Jed doing his Mr. Marceau impression.)

We *know* Jed - and not Cara - picked that out!

The - no, dare I say your? - kitchen is looking mighty fine! Not to take away from what you've done, but what was wrong with the kitchen before (especially the paint, counter, and faucet)? In other words, it looked nice before, but it looks even better now! Well done!

FlopTheNuts said...

Just trying to keep it clean for the kids and the innocent. (Yeah, yeah, I know there are none of the later at DAMFINOBLOG...)



Damfino said...

Flop - I will destroy you.

FlopTheNuts said...

Oh, come on - that's all the response I get?!?!?!!!

You know you found that funny (to whatever degree) and at least chuckled!

Damfino said...

Wait til I tell Cara what you said about her faucet.

It hits the fan then brother!!

I may have chuckled... but mostly at how mangled you are going to be when Cara gets a hold of you.

FlopTheNuts said...

You'd first rat me out to Cara then sick her on me?!?!

What, she handles your heavy work? >;) (That's an "evil wink and grin implying a joking or sarcastic tone" smiley, BTW.)

And what's this "her" stuff? That's YOUR - "YOUR" being Cara's and Jed's - faucet, brother! :) Note I listed her first, though...

Cara looks like she'd be a scrappy fighter, but I don't think I'd end up as mangled as the double-ender.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I give my opinions. Kitchen looks terrific. Proud of you Jed. Yes, this is mom. Modernizing an older home is expressing yourself but holding on to it's personality. (I really do like the GREEN paint job, too.) Sooooooo what's cooking in the k. for the bowl game????? GO THOSE BEARS. Love you guys.