Monday, February 05, 2007

Best of the ads

Bears lost - rough game for us Chicago lovers. In fact, I don't want to talk about it.

But here is the best ad of the night - the rock, paper, scissors one was good too.



Kern said...

I actually split my time between the Monk marathon and the Food Network mostly.

In any case, I wanted to bring up the pure genius that was the Emerald Nuts commercial in which Robert Goulet came in and messed up people's stuff. I have not seen such deliciously brilliant use of nearly forgotten celebrities since Minute Maid's absurdist spot utilizing Robert Loggia. Hand those guys the Clio award. Right now, dammit!

In that vein, I am hoping next year they reanimate Richard Crenna's corpse to sell Pampers!

Kern said...

Also, note that I was the understudy for the posted commercial, but they wanted a man thatch that was "more believable".

krysta jo said...

My favorite was the Blockbuster one with the mouse - right at the beginning. Hilarious!

Poor Bears. They need a new QB.


Damfino said...

The Robert Goulet bit was funny - but I felt it was kind of lacking too.

I loved seeing him crawl all over the ceiling.

Screw baseball.

Kern said...

I think if Tobey M. decides to drop out of the franchise, it would be awesome if Robert Goulet stepped in. After seeing him defy gravity, I think he could make it work.

Damfino said...

Boo - ya!

Thanks Kern