Thursday, July 21, 2005

... will I ever learn - c'mon.

I think we all owe a great debt of gratitude to David Chase - it seems that the Sopranos has paved the way for stylistic-quality television to find its way back into our homes. Aside from the usual HBO suspects - FX has gone and created its own group of well made filmic hours.

I just wrapped up the 12 episodes of RESCUE ME - Denis Leary's solution to the bomb that was THE JOB. The show definitely has a good idea behind it - stepping into the lives of Ladder 62, finding out what life is like after 9/11. The concept is right in your face for the first few episodes and also the finale... but in between, the series follows various crew members as they deal with family issues and the creepy problems of threesomes.

Actually, the series is pretty rough - the characters are bitter, racist-bigots... extremely flawed individuals, who put their lives on the line daily. Kinda a reversal of Tony Soprano and his crew.

The writing is sometimes sloppy - and a little "TVish." Leary's character is well written... with gigantic character issues (he has ghosts following him around... he lies-cheats-abuses every one around him).

The opening montage is set to the Von Bondies "C'mon,C'mon" - a choice that I initially did not care for. I spoke with Kern a tad... he felt not only did it work well for the editing (which of course it does) he also found some interesting lyrics to apply to the show. Here they are;

On another day c'mon c'mon
With these ropes I tied can we do no wrong
Now we grieve cause now is gone
Things were good when we were young
With my teeth locked down I can see the blood
Of a thousand men who have come and gone
Now we grieve cause now is gone
Things were good when we were young
Is it safe to say? (c'mon c'mon)
Was it right to leave? (c'mon c'mon)
Will I ever learn? (c'mon c'mon)
(c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon)

Good stuff - Netflix it soon.

My big brother Josh is off to an interview today. Good luck old man - remember to give a wink to the interviewer!



Kern said...

Hey Jed. Good to see you back. I wanted to send out a shout out of good luck to our man Josh at his interview today.

After watching a few of those Rescue Me's the other day, I am interested in going on to seeing the rest of them. I think it's a darned good show, but not quite as engaging to me personally as say The Shield or Nip/Tuck.

By the way, Urnotme was a little disappointed he didn't get any of the cookie love the other day.

Damfino said...

I scarfed almost all of the cookies.

Perhaps the batter will have to be thawed.

Kern said...

Right on. If you bake those, I think you should take some to KJ.

Kern said...

By the way, Jed, did you take a peek at the pictures from the weekend?

krysta jo said...

Yes....the princess would like some cookies too...I could trade you some yummy baked goods this fall (when the weather finally cools off and the tin can I live in is bearable again) if I can get some pb cookies.

Good luck Joshy!

Kern said...

Morning KJ. Baked goods are fun. I was so all business about it that I brought my Silpat baking mat to make cookies on.

Now that's pure madness!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Give em Hell Josh.....

the sheriff

Damfino said...

Pics were good - crotchial blow out was missing.

Kern said...

Ah, I added it last night.

urnotme said...

Good luck Josh!

And josh #2