Thursday, July 12, 2007


With $12 million in the bank for Tuesday midnight screenings - and another whopping $45 million added from Wednesday's premier - this should safely be the biggest HARRY POTTER opening ever!!

I did not get to read ORDER OF THE PHOENIX but I am excited to see the film... well, actually, less excited than the previous entry - but still...

Kreitner's are making the trip tomorrow to come view it!! Baby will have it's first Potter experience (Baby is the name of the Kreitner's soon to be born child that Drea is currently gestating on about!).

Fun shall be had - spooning - and a little Potter for everyone!



Buttercup said...

Dude I am very disappointed that you did not read the book especially since you have my copy. I am so excited to see this movie. yippeee

Kern said...

I haven't had the chance to read the book yet either, but I am going to try to do so in the near future.

From what people say, the material continues to get darker and I've heard complaints about that. I can't speak with authority on this, but if that's true it seems like a good move as adolescence is usually the most dark and troubling time for most of us.

Oh, and hello Kreitners, I hope you and Baby are doing awesome!

Buttercup said...

Yep little Grace May is kickin something fierce unfortunately Gregory has been unable to feel the little kicks. Read the books they are so good. I am hoping to finish the order of the phoenix before we go to the movie tomorrow night.