Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gilmore and more

I had to toss out a little news about the Gilmore world; first, the final season of Gilmore Girls arrives on DVD November 13th. I will purchase it... though I am not sure if I will go through the episodes all over again. They were fun... but a little empty.

On the Amy Sherman-Palladino front - I have seen clips of her new show "The Return of Jezebel James" and I can fully admit... that it is completely horrible. The show is shot in studio like "Seinfeld" with a live audience to view... add in a little Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose... and then a little ASP off the wall dialog... and strangely enough you have a mess of a show.

Hopefully I will be proven wrong... but probably not. HUMPF!



Kern said...

I have to admit, I am more than just a little bit worried about the state of this show.

Jed, did you read one of the newer Ausiello columns where he was at one of the network functions and ASP was there? She told the audience that had she written the show, the final words would have been, "You're adopted".

While it turned out she was just having a bit of fun, I thought Ausiello was going to need a pair of adult diapers. Even he can't outsnark his way out of a pair of dooked drawls.

Damfino said...

"You're adopted?"


Amy needs to get her head on straight.

Jezebel looks terrible - let's hope it surprises.