Monday, July 16, 2007

This should play before every movie!!!

Please Kreitner... McCabe... Kern... Schmacker... somebody watch this and tell me it is as perfect as I think it is!!



Kern said...


Two things: First, that was killer. Just killer. Perfect would be a good word for it.

Secondly, if I am not mistaken that was one of my favorite new metal bands, Mastadon doing the hardcore singing. Wasn't this the opening to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie?

Either way, aweseome find, my man.

Damfino said...

I have not seen ATHF movie yet - but yes, this is the opening.

I found it on one of our ex-interns sites... killer.

"You with the baby - this movie is not for them - take the baby out to the alley and leave it. RUN IT OVER WITH YOUR CAR!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha...ah, boy. Good stuff.

I also hubly suggest you go out and download/buy Mastadon's record Leviathan. Never has a concept album about Moby Dick sounded so damn hardcore and evil. Seriously amazing record.

Also left more comments on Fountain below.

Damfino said...

Not sure about actually listening to an album of that... but I am open minded (as you know from that odd late night moment we shared at Kern Returns 05 and then the other during the group activity of Kern Returns 06).

Kern said...

To be fair, Mastadon doesn't really sound quite like that. They have a harder, more progressive sound. It's very technical, and not jokey like this. It's cool.

Trust me like you did when we spooned.