Monday, February 13, 2006

Maybe...maybe not!

While buttercup and I were watching "Three Kings" on Sat. evening I saw a younger but familiar face staring back at me from our television. She had hair in her eyes and two casts on her arms (props) but her eyes and facial features were very familiar. Familiar because I had once again been watching episodes of AD. A young Maybe Funke was staring back at me playing the distressed daughter in the Gulf war #1 film. Buttercup protested, but as the movie progressed I was sure and sought counsel at and my observations proved correct. Once again my perception skills have proved worthy of an upper level CIA position where I sit and stare at mug shots in some twisted game of Concentration.

"Watch out Bin Laden....America wants YOU!" (Insert Stan Smith voice over here)

bunny out


Kern said...

Never seen Three Kings, but I have heard Maebe was in the film.

On the other hand, I've read a couple of novels by the screenwriter, John Ridley, and they're great stuff. He writes some killer neo-noir.

Sorry for veering off track.

FlopTheNuts said...

Damn, Sheriff! The, uh, bunny-ness of a bunny, the eyes of an eagle, the memory of an elephant... Oh, the door is open there for all kinds of comments!

Glad to see I didn't miss much yesterday - I was home sick! Don't know WTF caused it, I barfed a couple of times in the morning. I wasn't hot or cold, no aches or pains (well, except a slight headache and abdominal-region muscle aches from the 2 morning "workouts"), no other symptoms of note. Was in bed most of the day, slept, relaxed, watched the Olympics. Weird...

GD, WTF is up with the Word Verification?!?!?! I think this one was 847 characters long!