Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trust in Zach

I was out reading Zach Braff's blog and he made mention of a new cd for download on iTunes that he is digging. Joshua Radin's "We Were Here."

3 of the 11 tracks have already been used on Scrubs ("Closer" was used this season!!) - and after listening to the rest I am fully ready to throw my mighty endorsement on it as well. It is definitely in the Simon&Garfunkle/Garden State soundtrack mode... pushed to the folkish limits.

I downloaded it for the $10 - absolutely worth it.

Besides... I am now best buds with Zach Braff!!



Anonymous said...

I think your opinions are swell Jed and really enjoyed listening to the album. Thanks for taking the time to post about Joshua Radin.

You are obviously far superior to anyone else on this site and should be commended for such a well balanced and elcletic palate of interests.


Damfino said...

Thanks anonymous person - I appreciate your comments in the completely commentless post.

Joshua Radin was a true find and my palate of interests is vast and fascinating.

I also have a huge penus!

Thanks again.

p.s. How did you know my name was Jed?