Thursday, February 23, 2006

Listen... to me?

We all know that Alexxx is the man when it comes to all things music. Hell, he writes reviews for Tiny Mix Tape!!! Regardless, he lives in Seattle and cannot always guide me fully down the musical path (though his Kern Returns events often ellicit new discs of musical joy!!).

So, to bridge the gap (I almost said fill the gap and with this crew I would have lost them all to filth), I have Dan. He has the love for a new band practically every day! Let's look at some of the quality stuff he has sent my way.

Billy Bragg and Wilco joined up for this 1998 release - Mermaid Avenue. The disc defintely has a country vibe to it - more alt country than anything else (and sadly, I cannot seem to get anyone else into alt county!). The album is a collection of Woody Guthrie tunes that he never released and it has some amazing stuff on it. (Let's see... Kern makes references to songs... hmm) Um.. special track... #1 Walt Whitman's Niece & #4 Birds and Ships (featuring the lovely Miss Natalie Merchant).

A few years later Bragg and Wilco re-united to do another group of songs. More solid stuff - a little heavier than Vol 1 - but still can be put on shuffle with the first album and the sound is consistent! Tracks #4 Hotrod to Hell and #6 Secrets of the Sea!

Yesterday, Dan came across the new Britain wonder Artic Monkeys! These guys are selling like mad in the UK - but I am not sure they have hit it here. Dan read up that some UK press has claimed that this album is instantly in the top 5 greatest British albums of all time.

I am not sure about all of that praise - but it is pretty damn good stuff. The sound is more complete and interesting than Franz Ferdinand - and goes more places than Interpol ever dreamed (I am comparing those just because of the sound... I know Interpol is not from Britain!). You will probably hear a lot more about these guys soon - if they can find a hit to roll out for us off the album. My money is on #11 When the Sun Goes Down... but #10 Mardy Bum is really good!

Sadly, for Arctic Monkeys, I also listened to The Subways yesterday. HOLY CRAP!!! I have played this album 4 times already (I was reading last night - so I just put in on repeat) and plan on ripping it again on the way home. This is some hot peppy stuff from another group of Brits (I think).

Dan told me a little about them - three members - setup a little similar to the White Stripes... and I think he mentioned some issues already with the band splitting... but I am not sure. Anyway, you will not go wrong with the album. Search it out - download it... rip it up! Tracks #1 I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say , #2 Holiday, #4 Mary,and #11 She Sun.

Finally, I think I will be alone on this one... but AFI is kicking my @ss!!!! I first picked up their single "Rabbits are Roadkill on RT 37" - it came with the My Space Records album. I have listened to the song sooo much - that Dan finally downloaded me a new album - Sing the Sorrow. I really really really dig this! I know it is not for everyone (they play rough sometimes... punkish anger - somewhat wrapped in poppy goodness - less Green Day more Rancid). In fact, I am sure Kern is snickering somewhere (deep in the library), but I dont' care. This stuff is great.

Tracks #5 Dancing Through Sunday, #6 Girl's Not Grey, #10 This Celluloid Dream,and #11 The Leaving Song.

Go out and listen you tools.

(Hey - don't blame me for this... no one else was posting)



Kern said...

Interesting choices. I think there is a documentary about Wilco collab called I Am Trying To Break Your Heart that I have heard is really stellar. It's essentially their negotiations with their record company to release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Also, since you dig the alt country thing go back in time and get The Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall, Wilco's A.M., and any Uncle Tupelo you can find.

I have not heard the Arctic Monkeys despite all the hype surrounding them at the moment.

Not too fond of The Subways or AFI, but to each their own.

However, I do have some suggestions for you: Go get the new Neko Case album when it comes out on March 7th!!!!! I have heard the first single off of it, and it's every bit as great as anything from Blacklisted, and you know how I feel about that record. I also have a good feeling about the new record coming out from former Belle and Sebastian cellist Isobel Campbell and former Screaming Trees member Mark Lanegan. And for the love of God, look into the new Cat Power record called The Greatest.

I have more suggestions, but I need time to rustle them up.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

The prodigal son has returned. Jed is back and music is his muse.

All hail the return of the king.


ps: i like big band..nothing to offer here.

Kern said...

Speaking of Big Band, Sheriff...

I have an interesting record suggestion for you. It's by this crazy electronic music cat named Matthew Herbert, and he records under a lot of different monikers. He released this fascinating album under the name The Matthew Herbert Big Band. I believe it's him sampling an entire big band breaking it into pieces and electronically reconstructing the pieces to his will. A perfect blend of the organic and the mechanical. Yee haw.


Damfino said...

No love for the Subways or AFI - always what I respond to the most! Dang!

More Neko Case would be good - I still dig her last album.

I will definitely be hitting that docu... thanks man.

Cat who?

You should talk with Stevens - he is the man with all this new music.

Sheriff - um, I am always here... applauding my return means that I am bored.


Damfino said...

Any tunes to wipe yer taint to?

krysta jo said...

Why do you have to write so much? And seriously - such off random things. I personally am digging this season of American Idol and I am quite sure at least one of them will make it into American music stardom and greatness. You never know, we may be watching the next Paul McCartney.

Ok, all joking aside...

Yeah that's all I really had to say.

Kern said...

Music to wipe your taint to? I thought that's what AFI was for...?

I kid, I kid...

Cat Power is actually the moniker for Chan Marshall. She's a sort of indie rock muse with a deep sultry voice and a bizarre crap shoot of a live show, which I got stung on when I saw her.

However, she is awesome. If you've never heard her, I suggest a random sampling of the following tunes from various albums:

Nude As The News
Metal Heart
Cross Bones Style
The Entire You Are Free album

That should give you an idea of whether you'd dig her or not. But her new album called The Greatest has her playing with some legendary Memphis studio musicians. It's a departure from her old work to be sure, but I am warming up to it.

Kern said...

Oh I forgot the song The Colors and The Kids.

Ain't Right said...

The only musical note(no pun intended) I have to offer up today is last night I hopped in the Mustang, turned on the satellite radio, and heard a song by Muse called Hysteria. I think the song has been out for a while so I will claim ingnorance for bringing it up now but needless to say the volume found itself at the top of it's travel for my enjoyment of this tune. I checked out clips for the rest of the album today and unfortunately I don't see it being added to my collection but I will be sure to acquire Hysteria tonight.

Kern said...

I'm likely going to be trickling in bands all day but I had another one for you. If you haven't heard The Kinks album Something Else By The Kinks, you are seriously missing out. I am going to review it for TMT pretty soon as a matter of fact.

FlopTheNuts said...

Hysteria - Def Leppard!!!

Woo hoo!!

Kern said...

Muse is a pretty good band. I really liked their first record Showbiz because it kind of reminds me of The Bends era Radiohead, which is a beautiful thing. Their last album, Absolution was pretty darned good as well. If you guys are interested I can bring you a copy of Showbiz or do a YouSendIt of the album if you like.

Kern said...

And Absolution for that matter.

Damfino said...

Flop - you da man! Glad the married father dude could pipe in with Def Leopard!

One armed drummers make me giggle.

Kern said...

Especially one armed drummers who can beat up Glenn Danzig. Ha ha!

Damfino said...

Did he beat up Danzig? Is that difficult to do?

I am going to have to maim you for the AFI comment. How rude.

Kern said...

It could have been worse. I almost said, "Music to wipe your taint with". I am the model of restraint.

Oh, when you have a chance, check out Broken Social Scene. I like them quite a bit, but they might not be "rock" enough for you.

There's another band you might like, called Elbow, they're not quite shoegazer stuff, but they are pretty cool.

And I was totally serious about checking out The Jayhawks first record as well as the Uncle Tupelo stuff.

Kern said...

Oh, and since you like some of this new wave-ish punky Brit stuff, look up Maximo Park while you're at it. I am not totally sold on them, but I must say the song Graffiti knocks me on my ass everytime.

urnotme said...

Jed- Nice
I already gave you Cat Power-- it's laid back

Check out these to:
Panic! At The Disco--Excellent

Yellowcard--Guilty Pleasure ala The All American Rejects

Angels & Airwaves--Tom Delonge (Blink-182) new band--soft around the edges

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-- Bland

Elefant--Pretty good

Deadboy & Elephantmen--dark, boring, and awful all at once

Gang of Four--mediocre

Matchbook Romance--somewhat alright

Matisyahu--VERY GOOD-- the guy is a jewish rabbi or something but sings Reggae


Motion City Soundtrack
My Morning Jacket
Snow Patrol
We Are Scientists

She Wants Revenge--Very Entertaining if in the right mood.. Dark Dance-ish stuff

And last but not least: The Raconteurs---NEW JACK WHITE STUFF!!!!

oh and GNR's Chinese Democracy Demos were released and are surprising!

sorry no more detail--The Fargo is watching

Ain't Right said...

For some reason lately I have really been loving A3's "Woke up this Morning". Just last night I listened to it three times.

Damfino said...

Stevens fired off some info under the roof of the Fargo...most impressive.

I have Cat Power? I am sooo cool!

Indie cred can now pour upon me!!!!

Damfino said...

We need to listen to it 5 times tonight my friend... 5 more... we can do it!!

Ain't Right said...

Listen to it 5 times and trying to fit lifting into one night. That might be streching it. I am going to say definitely three and hopefully four.

Damfino said...

I am on for 3 - I forgot about lifting... ugh.

Damfino said...

The next 3 are some of the best ever!!!

Kern said...

Which Cat Power is it?

Also, I must ask which Gang of Four record you thought was bland? I heard the new thing that was released was pretty crap, but I haven't heard it. But if it was Entertainment, then I would have to claim confusion since without the original Gang of Four, we wouldn't have half of the angular guitar driven bands we have running around these days.

I saw Elefant a few years ago when they opened for Les Savy Fav. It was good, though I have heard their new stuff is kind of ridiculous. The lead singer Diego is a real toolbox, however.

I have some My Morning Jacket. Older stuff, which I really liked. I can't remember if I have Tennessee Fire or At Dawn. It is a great record either way. I was a little iffy on It Still Moves, but still pretty decent. I have heard the new one, Z, is pretty cool.

Haven't heard We Are Scientists, but I hear about them constantly. They are pretty well liked from what I gather.

Also, as far as dark synthy dancefloor stuff, I recently heard about this great Swedish group called The Knife, whose singer did a guest spot on the new Royksopp album.

Damfino said...

Cat Power - What Would the Community Think

Kern said...

Ah that's a pretty good one. You should get any songs you can from You Are Free. That's her best album in my humble opinion. In fact, it has some guest spots from Warren Ellis from Dirty Three, as well as backup Vox from Eddie Vedder and some drumming from Dave Grohl.

Kern said...

What Would The Community Think has got Nude As The News on it. Killer song. There's also good tunes on Moon Pix. I think Cross Bones Style might be on Dear Sir.

On records she rules my heart. In person, she is hot, but not the most reliable performer.

Anonymous said...

Who sings "The Big Yellow Joint"?

I love that song.


Kern said...

Someone needs to play some Europe for G.O.B. I think...

Anonymous said...

view link or die!

Kern said...

Jed, do we know this guy? If not, can we slag on him without mercy?

Anonymous said...

Sure seems like a lot of people in this blog are begging for readers / viewers.

Kern said...

They are?

Anonymous said...


babbbaaa boooieeeee

Stern Rules!

Kern said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Eddie Lampert!!!

So true, so true.

Anonymous said...

Read my blog. Read my blog.

Kern said...

Sorry buddy. All the shameless self promotion is over at Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen! Listen!!!

Damfino said...

I leave for a show and come back and all has gone haywire. What the hell was that?

Kern said...

Haven't a clue, boss. All I know was that I was talking to no one in particular about Cat Power, and then this shameless Eddie Lampert impersonator shows up.

Damfino said...

I went to his link - nice big yellow joint shirt.

Kern said...

what ep of AD was that from? I am drawing a blank.

Damfino said...

First season... main ref. Referenced all throughout though.

Kern said...

Hmm...I kind of came late to AD, which would explain my confusion.

I wanted to mention another band to you called The Advantage, who do killer math rock covers of NES game theme music. Their new album is called Elf Titled. They have some good members including one of the two dudes from Hella. You should look into that one too.