Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just found an interesting review of "Lady in the Water" that has sent my old filmic senses tingling!


The writer seems unsure of the film - but not in the "does it suck?" way - but more in the "is it as interesting as I think?" way. The writer stresses that Night has pushed his filmaking style back to classic form - leaning hard on Hitchcock and dropping the artsy shots of his past. He also mentions that the "twist" ending is gone - these are both positive changes.

But Night himself has a large role in the film - and it seems this writer (and most critics I have read) really questions his choice in playing the part.

I was not thrilled to see this - the ads look boring... and "the Village" did not blow my mind. But after reading that review.... I think I will go see it this weekend!


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