Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"How do you get your urine on a corpse?"

Shane Black was a god in my youth! It is crazy how my sense of humor has been molded by this seriously underrated writer. He has worked on some of the finest in popular entertainment (Tony Scott - Richard Donner - John McTiernan) and now has stepped out on his own to direct.

Wait - I f*cked up... let me start again!

I have a soft spot for a funny action flick. I love "Lethal Weapon" - I cherish the finer moments of "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and frankly think that "Predator" is a work of art! All of these films combine action, blood, and humor in their own odd ways. That's where Shane Black comes in.

Damnit - this is not working for me. What the f*ck is wrong with me today. I just want to talk about Shane Black and the movie he made. F*ck a duck.

Anyway, I get a call from the Sheriff last night about 10:30. He has just watched Shane Black's masterpiece "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and cannot contain his joygasm. You see, for Kreitner and I, there is no finer 5 up t&t film than a quality action comedy. And "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" knocks one out of the park for the genre.

The film stars Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Monaghan as three people stuck in a ludicris murder mystery. Val plays Gay Perry - handler to the stars. Downey plays the narrator - often taking high wattage torture to his boys, and Monaghan plays the girl - she shows her boobs.

Christ! There I go - derailing with this review/internal ramble. What the hell does Michelle Monaghan's boobs have to do with anything!??!

The film opened and disappeared without much fanfare last December. I knew it was out there - hell, I at least knew who Shane Black was! But I never caught the film, until it hit DVD. Now, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" does not work that well as a complete film. It really lacks some deep characters and a overall point to it... but what it does do it does really well. It has style coming out of its geriactric extras! The film has tons of little inside gags (Kreitner found a few frames of Richard Greico in the film!!) - and frankly it is just a ball to watch!

Here are the marching orders - go rent - buy - steal "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." You won't regret it.

And Michelle gets naked.

To those in the Midwest - sorry we said f*ck so much!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Having trouble fitting the "sheriff" under the desk this morning. My joygasm has rolled into the following day. As Jed has already so profoundly stated, Buttercup and I watched KKBB last night. Just after watching the entire first disk of season 2 Reno 911. Nothing tickles my funny bone like black comedy and this one made me piss myself.

After the feature ended I called Jed to relay my joy, sent my wife up to bed with lilly and tulip, and settled in to watch the very enjoyable Black, Downey, Kilmer commentary. It was during this 2nd viewing that I came upon the R. Greico info. Killer stuff. They also mention the identity of the old dude who was in Saving Private Ryan.

Jed, once again, pushed me in the direction of a steller film that spoke to the man that the sheriff is.

The sheriff gives KKBB "two barells up".

Oh yeah and Jed.."stop Helping!!!!"


Damfino said...

Still gay?

No, knee-deep in p*ssy. I just love the name so much I can't get rid of it.

Kern said...

I have this at home on loan from a friend, but I have been so busy I haven't watched it yet. I remember trying to go catch it while it was out here in Seattle, but every weekend I wanted to go, I couldn't make it.

Damn, I'd better watch it when I get home tonight!

PS-I thought it was awesome that Jed put an apology to the Midwestern readers for use of the f word, since he knows that his West Coast contingent is quite free with his vulgarity. Good show, sir!

Buttercup said...

Oh kern you really need to watch the movie. I think Jed and the sheriff were giggling like school girls downstairs when they talked yikes.

Damfino said...

Like school men - BC - like school men!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Yeah, we sit in the front seat now.