Monday, July 10, 2006

Do I think you're black? NAAAA

Hey kids,

The crew snuck out to see "Pirates of the Carribean; Dead Man's Chest" this weekend. Most found it repugnent and stale - I enjoyed it! Nothing amazing or groundbreaking here, but I had fun with the film.

Regardless of how it was received, Pirates went on to have the biggest opening weekend of all time! Raking in $55 million on Friday (beating Superman Returns opening weekend number) and going on to make $132 million (stomping on Spidey's $114). That is pretty flippin huge. Bravo Gore, Johnny, Keira, Orlando and Jerry. May they suck the Disney tit for many a days.

New Scrubs cover - whaddup with Zach's hand?



Kern said...

Good question, Fino. Also, I must say that Sarah Chalke's hair is not so enjoyable in that pic. I think it looks fabulous when she grows it out.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Buttercup and I also contributed to the "Pirates" haul this weekend. I actually found myself looking at my watch during the film. Afterwords I realized it was a transition film and didn't need to make sense. All it needed to do was fill time till Pirates III comming to a theater Memorial Day weekend 2007. So in that regard it was a success. Just desired more of the plot and characters then I received. Could have been 20-30 min shorter. Nice suprise at the end though. The most surpise and energy I had gotten from the film in the last hour I watched.


ps: Butter cup liked it and was very offended that I dare look at my watch during the show. Took offense since she suggested the film. Sorry BC.

QueenB said...

Urgh, get a better Graphic Designer! :)

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Just saw that SCRUBS will be in syndication on Superstation WGN out of Chicago this fall.