Friday, July 14, 2006


Say it ain't so!

A two month delay for the final chapter.

Damn scooters! Damn cars running into scooters... ...ridden by James Gandolfini.


Kern said...

It wasn't a Segway was it? Those things are killers, I tell you! Killers!

I was also kind of bummed to hear that Rome's second season is going to be ten episodes as well as its last season. Come on, HBO! Come on!

Damfino said...

Come on - who didn't see this coming?

HBO needs a little shot in the arm with it's programming. FX is picking up all of the talent!

Rescue Me just got picked up for another season!

Kern said...

Speaking of FX, I just saw the last ten minutes of one of the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia eps last night, the one with the underage drinking.

Holy crap, that was some funny stuff.

Fino, do you know when The Shield is coming back? I need my Vic Fix...

Damfino said...

Fall - I think.