Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Babette's intimates

Last night was the season premiere episode of Gilmore Girls and the first time the show has been helmed by anyone other than Amy Palladino - and it was not that bad. We should be ok in David Rosenthal's hands.

The story line is a tough one though - Lor slept with Chris - Luke has been dropped... and Rory - well, no one is really that into her tale.

The Long Morrow story was really cool and I did laugh out loud quite a few times (Kirk Evil Kinevil'n it into Lukes diner was classic!!). I am a little down with where Lor and Luke are - but this season could be a step forward from last year - we will have to see.

Got some Vegas trip pics for ye - enjoy the slide show to the magical tunes of Wilco!

Casino Queen on Vimeo

I am still very busy at work - thus the humorless post - but hopefully soon I will get back to blogging some pee-rific posts - in the mean time, try not to stone Deit too much for his acerbic and cruel words. He is old after all.

Oh - and I turn 30 on Saturday... there, that's done.




Kern said...

Fino-As always, you give great slideshow, my friend.

As far as GG, I agree. It wasn't bad. I think there were far more painful episodes last season. Like any one that April was in, for example. If I didn't hate the overused cliche of people waking up from dreams, I would almost wish that was the case here. The crashing into the diner was awesome, however. Pinky Tuscadero, Kirk is not.

Congrats on the big milestone as well. If it weren't for the distance, I'd let you be big spoon for old time's sake.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Red spots..all I see is RED Spots!!

A good start to the GG season. Hopefully they have a plan for the direction of the show. We shall watch and see.

Happy 30, Mr. Big Shot.


Damfino said...

"Mr. Bigshot.... WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!" Or is it Mr. Bigstuff... I can't remember.

Thanks boys.

Kern said...

Fino-I believe it is "Mr. Bigstuff". Which, incidentally, is the moniker I use when moonlighting as an internet porn star. Except those rare occasions when I'm known as "Mr. Doublestuf". But I get paid extra for that.

Damfino said...

That was Kerntastic my friend... sadly, I filled my pants laughing.

(don't ask with what)