Friday, September 15, 2006

"This could be the very minute..."

Hello Damfinoites,

The weekend is upon us and many a happenings be happening. First, "The Last Kiss" opens today - if you don't know about the film, it stars our beloved Zach Braff as a near 30 year old who is getting ready to settle in with his girlfriend. He freaks out when he meets a young horny hottie... things go bad.

A creepy note - Erik Christensen is in the film and Cara went to school with him! She was not really thrilled to see it - then I mentioned he was naked in the film... and her excitement grew. Odd.

Here is the trailer - check it out and go see it - support our boy!

Last Kiss trailer on Vimeo

Also, Brian DePalma has a new thriller hitting theaters - "The Black Dahlia." I actually read the book and the bio by James Ellroy about his own mother that goes along with this. TBD is about an aspiring actress that is murdered - Ellroy's own mother was murdered in such a fashion - thus his interest in the subject.

The film should be entertaining - it is nice to see DePalma back in the mainstream - and pushing Scarlett Johanson along with him!!

Not sure if I will get to see it this weekend - because it is IOWA VS ISU!!!! Cara and I head up to Iowa City tonight to party it up - then off to the game early tomorrow morning. Hopefully all will go well for our boys.

Finally, I am heading out to Vegas next week for some fun with my girly. Should come home plump - drunk - broke - but happy as a puppy with two peters!

Catch ya on the return - somebody post for God's sake!!



Kern said...

Go [insert local sports team of your choice]!

One of the dudes in one of the trailers I saw looked super familiar, the blond guy with the curly-esque hair. Is he on that Fox show The Loop? Because if so, he's pretty funny.

Huzzah for Braff, and huzzah for Tony Goldwyn, who I have grown to have a lot of respect for. Even though Substance of Fire was a little heavy handed in the drama department, I thought it was pretty good.

I'm reserving a huzzah for Paul Haggis after trying to shove that shit flavored Hostess Fruit Pie called Crash down our throats. Hopefully he will have come back down to earth by now.

Have a good time, kids.

QueenB said...

Erik Christensen? Is he from the Des Moines area?