Friday, September 01, 2006

7 a.m. beer

Last night's shockingly weak game of ISU vs. Toledo opened up our college football season. The Clones did some dirty huck and jive on the poor Toledo Rockets - doing some downright awful officiating and taking cheap shots on a smaller but determined QB. Never-the-less, they came out on top - and Ames is already rocking.

Tomorrow is the day all of us Hawkeye fans have been waiting months for - the first game of the year!

Last year was kind of a disappointment for most of us, watching the boys lose to ISU and go on to a mediocre 7-5 and a jipped loss to Florida. So of course, we have all been speculating how much we can make up for our mistakes - and how far will Tate take us this year!

I have heard crazy talk of 11-1 and some BCS glory - but I am not sure we will get that far. It does not matter anyway - Cara and I have season tickets and we are geared up and ready to party our tails off in IC!

Look forward to weekly pictures (or bi-weekly) from our debaucerous antics in Iowa City before each game. I am sure there will be plenty of fun to throw around.

Tomorrow is Iowa vs. Montana - a glorified warm up... but a Hawkeye game none the less!



Kern said...

Fino-Do a kegstand for me, or whatever one does at a popular sporting event!

This news also means that we will likely not be seeing my younger sister or my brother in law on weekends for the rest of the fall. I think Jeremy bleeds black and gold.

Anywho, you guys have fun!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Who are the Montana coaches?

Kevin Costner and Phil Jackson?

have a great time.


ps: Joanis says hi. hehehe

Damfino said...

Sheriff - you had better take pics of your trip - and post come Tuesday!!!