Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Look what the cat dragged in...

So...last night in Minn-e-sotah, Dan and I took in a little Poison and Firehouse.

The concert rocked like only an 80's hair band can rock. We have probably never had so much fun and CC was amazing on guitar. He even sang a song (that was pretty crappy, but anyway...). So, if you happen to be near a Poison concert in the next few years - GO. There is nothing quite like hearing "Every Rose Has a Thorn" in person - oh and from the 15th row on the floor. Yes kids...we felt the heat and the sweat and the spit from our seats. Amazing.

In case you all were curious - here is my new ride. I just bought it this past weekend and LOVE it. Oh and it has a sun roof - which is the closest you can get to a convertible with 4x4. Now on to off-roading...


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Wow! What a great post. When I was a wee lad I saw Poison open for RATT at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. Great f*cking show. The year was 1987. Good to hear us old farts can still rock!

Nice new set of wheels. Now you can get around in the MN winters.


ps: look what the cat dragged in

Damfino said...

GRRRRR!!! You have a new ride - AND GO TO SEE POISON?!?!?!

Spoiled child!

That concert would have rocked - and it would have been amazing to see the Sheriff shake his tail feather and rattle that ex-big hair head to some Poison power ballads!

I love your new vehicle - good color - always loved the Jeeps!

Bravo to KJ for growing up and buying a non plastic car - and bravo to her for not growing up and enjoying a little UNSKINNY BOP OP OP OP!

Kern said...

I concur that you have a sweet new ride. Congrats!

krysta jo said...

Thank you thank you thank you all. :)

Dan and I have had a busy week or so but super fun.

Oh and we are headed to Iowa in our sweet ride this weekend for my older brother's wedding.