Friday, August 25, 2006

We're a-movin' on ...over! :)

Geez, there has been some surprising, excellent, and wonderful news on DAMFINOBLOG recently! But, oh no, not enough, I have more to add!

It's time to let the cat out of the bag. Sheriff, Buttercup, and (as of yesterday) Damfino already know this, and I choose now to let the rest of the DAMFINO community know what's up.

The "Michigan McCabes" will soon be "The young Iowa McCabes"!!!! Yep, we're movin' - back "home" - to Iowa!!

Long story short, we got a taste of being closer to our Iowa family and friends by moving to Michigan, but we're still not close enough! Plus, that darn drive through construction-ridden Chicago sucks...

Initially we'd talked about moving to the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. But, as fate would have it, a recruiter for a position in M/St. P called Trish and said she was actually looking to fill positions at Rockwell in Cedar Rapids. We took that as a sign, and it was SO on from that moment!

Roughly 3 weeks ago Trish applied on-line for a few positions. Four Rockwell managers contacted Trish over the following 2 weeks! She had phone interviews with all of them, and interviewed on-site last Friday and Monday. A Rockwell HR rep called Trish yesterday and extended 3 initial offers!

Rockwell is doing a lot of hiring, and with Trish's great on-the-job performance, experience, work ethic, and background, I knew it would just be a matter of time. This is pretty darn ridiculously quick, though!

Of course there are major and minor details to work out, but we'll be moving soon!

I do wish we could've had more folks visit us at our MI home, but that's moot now - now you can have a much shorter drive and visit us at our Iowa home!!! Oh yeah, I am gonna be hosting some killer poker tournaments!



Buttercup said...

Wow I learn new stuff from the blog every day!!!. Poke poke jab jab. we love ya though flop. Lilly is especially excited to have ella close lllliiiillllyyyyyyy think cute childe wagging tounge while doing this. cute. yeah for all for all of you.

Kern said...

Holy shit, my man! That's awesome!

Congrats to the entire McCabe family. I imagine this may make it even easier for you to make The Kern Returns as well. Wink, wink.

Damfino said...

The return of the McCabes!!! Holy Crap! Where are my pants?

This is borderline crazy talk - we might be able to actually meet up and hang out on a semi regular basis.


Get moving kids!


FlopTheNuts said...

Oooooo, yeah, sorry BC - I just want to tell everyone! Hey, c'mon, you and Sheriff were the first to know we were just even *thinking* about moving and also the first informed on much of what has been going on with Trish! :) Yeah, Ella will love to see everyone more, her buddy LlllilleEEEE included.

It will definitely make making The Kern Returns much easier, Kern! Next Kern Returns I can (should be able to) arrive before 9PM, which means I can pass out earlier and be retrieved from the back steps earlier!! Woo hoo!

*Might* be able to actually meet up and hang out on a semi-regular basis, Damfino??? *Might*?? :) Oh, we WILL meet up and hang out more!!


I'll keep DAMFINOBLOG updated as best I can - it's going to be an interesting, busy, stressful, but exciting next few weeks.