Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life Update & Lorelai Love

Hey gang,

Thought I might do a sort of blog type post - more bloggish than this blog has seen - but I am bored at work chillin to the new Marie Antoinette soundtrack with some stellar Windsor for the Derby tunage cranking in the background.

First - I am moved into Cara's place - and I spent last night setting up the basement/man room. I added some felt to the old round table we had and made a rather cool poker table for the corner. It is ready for some late night games and drunken madness.

We have an Iowa game this weekend - we are playing Northen Illinois. That's right, the alma matar of our dearest Sheriff! After we stomp his team, Cara and I will be heading over to my bestie's place for some drinking and partying with him and mrs. They have finally jumped on the SCRUBS band wagon, so I will be delivering seasons 1-4 to them to enjoy on DVD.

Speaking of the Kreitner's - they missed Tuesday fantastic episode of "Gilmore Girls" - BUMMER! I was dying with some really well written stuff - and I am loving seeing Lor and Chris hitting it off. Richard and Emily were sending me into hysterics with; "She thought it would be an optical malfunction!" "Then I would be stuck playing ping pong - then I would have to kill myself."

If you aint watching - you should be.

Finally, I was out yesterday at home waiting for the DISH guy to come just to tell me he can't find a line of sight for the Dish on Cara's house!!! Regardless, yesterday was Devin's birthday!!! 31 years of bliss, blood and bally-hoo! Happy Birthday brother!

PCE - LOVE - all that good crap,



Kern said...

First, happy birthday to Mr. Devin. [Insert obligatory Kool and The Gang song "Celebration" here]

Second, can I just say "Wow!" and congrats to Fino on the move. I'm a little behind on the happenings back East, I suppose. The only downside of this new cohabitation is that you're likely going to have to destroy those tasteful nudes you took of me when I was Barely Legal.

And most importantly, look at Fino listening to Windsor For The Derby!!! Nice work, my man. Next thing you know you're going to find yourself slipping further into the detached, but beautiful clutches of the post-rock genre. I'm going have to bring you some Tortoise and Album Leaf CD's when I come back next time...

Kern said...

And for the GG record, I am not so thrilled about Lor and Chris. I think if this had happened a while ago it would be different, but I kind of feel like his character has slipped into a barely imperceptible, but underlying smugness. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something there I don't like. Though he's not the flake he used to be, he's not the freshly reformed good guy after he first cleaned up that he used to be either.

Damfino said...

Cara is ok with the Nude ala Kern images I have - I printed them in B&W and now have them on the walls in the den.


I have discovered the art of thieving music off the internet - thusly I am able to broaden my musical interests easily.

But I still need inspiration - I don't just fall into these bands.

On the GG comments - when Lor and Luke got together, nothing seemed to fire correctly. I always have thought Chris and Lor work well... come on - the drive in date? I way they handled the argument? Handling his daughter? It all seems to be working.

Also - I loved that line Lor said about "Not speaking up about Luke's daughter was so unlike me." Nice jab at Amy's bad writing!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Thank God my father-in-law came over to our house at 7:03pm on tues. so we could miss that show "Gilmore Girls" (insert Stewie voice here.


any whoooo.......(Stewie again)

Congrats on the B-Day Devin. Look at some good Car porn for me.

Jed, kudos on the big boy move with Cara. May good luck follow you. Oooops, forgot about the dish thing.....ummmm....yeah....sooooo....(Stewie cubed)

Here is hoping that the Mighty NIU Huskies keep it close and only loose by a litle bit.

See your posse on Sat. Jed.


ps: Kern......what is the book staus?...we need a post here in Finoland.

Kern said...

Fino- In re: "the Kern nudes", I must say you have the fine eye of a young Robert Mapplethorpe, sir.

Since you're into musical plundering, I would suggest looking up the Chicago band Tortoise and another band called The Album Leaf. They are both kind of Windsor of The Derby-esque.

I can see your points about Chris, though I just can't help feeling a little bitter about his and Lor's recocilliation. Partially because I think sleeping with someone in a vulnerable state is kind of shady.

Deit Heimley said...

I too am far behind the goings-on in the personal world of the Damfino Gang! I did not know things were going THAT well! Alsa it can only end in tragedy from here on out.

Though I should add that I should be shamed because unlike Kern, I actually live in the area!!!!

I cannot comment on the GG developments other than to say that I actually watched half an episode this week. Then the baby woke up and that was it for me. There is a major debate in our house about the appropriateness of TV and content. I say, I would rather have my child watch real, witty or intelligent writing that flew right over his head than make him suffer with shows that are age-appropriate but utter gutter-trash in quality. But since his vocabulary currently consists of variations of the vowel "AAA" we still have a little while before we come to blows on this. However, as a compromise we have each agreed to not expose him to any TV until he can show an interest in it.

All of which is a long way to go to say that I don't get to much TV at all anymore and that half hour of GG may have been my one shot at TV for the week (it certainly has been so far), and in that extent it was quite simply the best show I have seen all week!!!!!

Damfino said...

Sheriff - "watch the taint"

Kern - thanks for the musical assistance

Daddy Deit - We have not chatted for a while. I hope your baby world is fine. Holly is moments from popping!

Choosing what a child watches and learns from is GIGANTIC!!! Good luck with those decisions.

And may I take a step back and toss out some Damfino appropriate words...

He said "come to blows." hee hee

My apologies.


Kern said...

I almost went for that one as well, but was distracted by work stuff. I'll make sure to come up with something filthy and delicious soon.

[makes mental note]

Deit Heimley said...

Kern is having "Library time." Just leave a tie on the post and we'll know to check back with you in about 45 seconds.

Yes Jed, we need to get together for poker (or pokim in my case)and standard debauchery some time soon. I even have my own protable table and chips for a quick pick-up game anywhere anytime!

Kern said...

Deit-When you've had as little person on person action as I have over the years, you learn to how to drag out a game of solitaire for quite a while. Well, unless I have to answer the door for the pizza delivery girl, or I have a lot of writing to do. Clever about the "tie on the post" bit. I laughed quite a bit.

It occurs to me that I must be the only person in the free world that doesn't play a lot of poker. I signed up for PokerRoom a while back, but I've been so bloody busy I've not had a chance to get on much.

To address the Sheriff's Post-Script I'll put a blog post on Damfinoblog tomorrow about my book and writing endeavors so everyone can see what's happening now. And no, Rerun and Roger are not going to be there. Yes, I'm sad about that too.