Monday, October 09, 2006

Creepy cakes, sticky floors & a whole lotta running...

I don't have enough photos to appropriately post here about what occured on Friday, October 6th 2006 - but I thought I had better say a few words before I take the time to collect images.

I was tricked - lied to - manipulated... and utterly shocked that a surprise Birthday party had been arranged for yours truly. There were costumes - cakes - an incredible game... and all of my friends waiting for me.

It was amazing!!!!

Thank you everyone who helped plan and organize the event. And thanks to everyone who came and had a ball running amok with me. I had so much fun and was so surprised....

I will post images later this week - if you have pictures please send them on to me (Devin? Jeremy? Greg-san?).

My love goes out to everyone for showing me one helluva good time!!!



Kern said...

Fino-I knew about it, but unfortunately, due to the lack of teleportation technology available at present, I was not able to make the scene. It sounds like it was awesome, and I truly wish that I'd been there to help you guys celebrate the milestone of such a great individual who has touched so many of us.

In our bathing suit areas.

Damfino said...

You knew about it?!?!? Jeeez! I was completely out of the loop on this one.


Kern said...

Yeah, it was funny, Dan and Holly sent me an e-mail. It's times like this I'm bummed I live so far away from everyone. There's a lot of milestones and even little things I miss.

Speaking of milestones, did Lisa send you wedding pics? I got a few if you want me to forward them along...

And no response to my filth? How disappointing!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

30 only comes once my friend...unless you take the little blue pill.

Not only was the suprise party rocking, but the after party at Cara's hip singles pad was a hoot too. Gin and tonics, snacks, texas hold'em and conversation till it was time for all to leave for the hawks game at 5:20am.

I know the sheriff and Flop had quite the time. It kicked ass.

bunny out

ps: the only thing that could have mede it better was a mansquach sighting.

Kern said...

Awww...that's sweet, Sheriff. I think the Mansquach usually spends most of his time in the Pacific Northwest, except for a brief sojourn to the Midwest for a weekend of illicit activity. Kind of like fish who go against the current for some naughty spawning. Except in the case of the mansquatch, there is only the slight hope of naughty spawning, which is inevitably defeated through the mansquatch's lack of charms.

Kern said...

Oh, and meeting strippers. Forgot that part.