Monday, November 20, 2006

"Royale" treatment

Nobody is prepared - or remotely ready - for the new Bond film... I question even mentioning this film with all of the rest because "Casino Royale" stands as the first film in the Bond series to ever have real characters and a truly moving and exciting story.

Daniel Craig - the new Mr.Bond - takes hold of the character and completely makes it his own. He has the action chops to cut all of the fighting and stunts - yet also the acting chops to sell Bond's conflicted soul, twisting with the realization of his own murderous drive. Drea actually pointed out a moment that blew my mind - he is on a beautiful beach with his girlie Vesper and lets down his guard for a few moments to allow her to see him... the ocean is behind him in close up - and Craig's blue eyes match the color of the water behind him... it is a striking image not only for his "dreamy" look... but more importantly that Bond is opening - you can see through him - to the vibrant man behind the OO's.

Eva Green tears up the screen as Vesper - Bond's accountant and love interest... labeling her that way does not do her character justice. She challenges the man - she not only beholds sexuality for him - but let's him taste a woman with a fully developed mind (non existent in the Bond world) and strength of character. Green stunned me with her portrayal... or maybe it is just that Halle Berry was the last Bond chick.

Another shock is that Director Martin Campbell has made an truly amazing action/dramatic film!! The early action sequences are breathtaking (the end of the first chase scene had my mouth agape - and I actually jumped in shock at one scene!) and the intimate moments are truly... intimate. Usually characters and interest are falsities in this series - here we have real people reacting to violent situations... I am not sure how the director of "Vertical Limit" balanced this but he has done one helluva job!!

This is no "Goldeneye" - and this definitely is not some Roger Moore corny bore fest... this is a real film. This is what Connery began to create - this is what Brosnan wanted... This is the best James Bond film that has been made. Period.


A side note - Caleb's website is up and running. Check it out! I also have the link off to the side.

Madison is doing great - Holly is moving around... Dan is Dan. All is good!!!



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Bond is back!

Sean....then some Daniel.

Fantastic film.

Great to spend time in DM this weekend. Jed and Cara were very gracious hosts. Even after the 'girls" were naughty in the guest room. Not that type of naughty Jed...keep it clean. However, they are both shaved right now.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. Travel safe if that is what the day brings.


Damfino said...

I was trying to e-mail you and Bry... ran out of time.

Great weekend - massive fit thrown by Jed - always fun.

The Man-land served well - although I am still picking glass out of the carpet.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

May need to put some anti-skid material on the bar shelves. Rubberized cabinet liners perhaps.


Kern said...

Shaved girls and Jed fits. Damn, it's times like this I really miss living closer.

Sheriff-People have been giving me great feedback for yr pull quotes in my book, by the way!

Damfino said...

Oh - Kern - we had a dinner this weekend and took turns reading from your book... it was like Christmas Eve with the bible!!!

Except most of us were not wearing pants... and there was a lot of satanistic chanting going on.

Kern said...

Are you serious about the book part? I mean, I figure the no-pants/satan thing is kind of a given.

And were you able to find room in the new place for the midget/gimp?

PS-I loved your review of the new Bond!

Damfino said...

Serious as I am allowed to be. I had to show Sheriff and Flop - then we took turns reading the pull quotes and Neal's write up.

I also made them read the final post about me.

You know its all about me.

Bond was good - see it.

Kern said...

Sweet. For those playing at home, it's indeed all about the Fino.

I will try my damndest to see Bond soon. Gotta balance it with viewing The Fountain. I gotta lot of TMT related shite happening at the moment. Our big year end extravaganza is coming up.

I'm also trying to pathetically woo a girl named Kendra at the moment. She's pretty cute and apparently likes jazz and art.

She hasn't quit writing yet, so I have that going for me.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


I can pull.....quote...with the best of them.

Glad you are getting a positive response.

BTW, the book looked great. Fantastic Job, Mr. Authorpants!


Kern said...

Sheriff-Ahthankyou! I am now going to use Mr. Authorpants as my official nickname.

Funny anecdote for you guys: My friend Will was on a plane reading my book and he was laughing out loud and people were looking at him. So he showed the lady next to him the book, specifically the back part. He tells her he knows the author. She asks him, "Is all of that stuff true?"

To which he replies, "Yes. Yes it is." and she kind of goes, "Wow". He then says to her, "I mean, come on look at that picture. Tell me that guy doesn't look like an international playboy..."

Heh, that cracked me up.

Damfino said...

Um - don't tell that story to Kendra... and don't mention the multiple trips to the library.

Oh gawd - Flop went off on the issues of his worn out right palm... you would have died Kern.

I also found out Kreitner is a lefty and Bry is a switch hitter...

who knew?

Damfino said...

My boy is a woooing! I knew there was a certain musk in the air.


Kern said...

Yeah, I'll be sure to keep the burgeoning author thing to a minimum. The later the ladies see the book or the blog the better I suspect. My mom took her copy to the office and showed her coworkers. I was a little scared of the outcome but I may have some new orders, if you can believe it.

I wish I could have enjoyed the company of the Damfinoblog crew. I spent Saturday night making homemade Gnocchi and thinking about making a trip to the library.

Damfino said...

Replace Gnocchi with BBQ wings and add 3 other horny men to the mix and that was essentially what was happening here as well... it was creepy.

Jerry was the only single guy and he was the only one not complaining about not getting... er... complaining about visiting the library too much.

Kern said...

Heh. Right on, Jer!

Horny men and hot wings. Sounds like a spicy recipe for tawdriness if I have ever heard one.

Bet the sauce was interesting...