Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We are going to blow your f*cking minds!!!

Last night I finally got the new Tenacious D album "Pick of Destiny!" My oh my - how I have missed the D!!!!

The album is pretty damn good - one track in particular is blowing my f*cking sox off! Here is a video from the movie coming out next week (or this week?).

Also, head over to Amazon and check out Master Exploder which is sadly edited - but you can hear the best tune on the ablum!

Cara and I are heading out to see it tomorrow - tickets courtesy of our friend Mr. Johnson. I will probably report on the film on Friday.

I am getting super psyched for "Casino Royale!" Jeffrey Wells ( gave the film a marvelous review - and he usually hates everything.

We shall be viewing Saturday night with the Kreitners - who are coming down for a weekend of fun with the Rainey's... er... me and Cara (DAMNIT!).

Lots to get out and see kids - whip it!

BTW - Gilmore and V-Mars were gold last night! Chris and Lor looked really happy... Lane's twinsy problems sent me into hysterics - Veronica's ending creeped me out good... and next weeks eps on both look fantastic. Yummy.



urnotme said...

Long time,
Sorry to be such a fuckface on this Tenacious D album, but i downloaded it on Friday and deleted it by mid-day out of my itunes. I didn't think it came close to the first album at all. It seems like it was an afterthought to the movie and never should have been released. I was planning on posting a message warning about this terrible atrocity, but i was beat to it by Jed for the wrong reasons. What did you like about it? It had one mediocre track which was wonderboyish and that's it. Everything else was under a minute and total trash. Where are the Cock Pushups, Keilbasa Sausage, One Note Song, and Hard Fucking's????
Terribly disappointing.

Kern said...

I know very little about the D, so I'm lost in this conversation.

However, I would like to say that I am totally on board with GG being pretty damn great this season overall. It's for sure exceeding my expectations after the great Palladino defection of '06. Still not totally on board with the Chris and Lor thing though. There's just something about it that skeeves me a bit, but I can't put my finger on it. And it's not even that I think she should be with Luke instead. I dunno.

But how fucking cool was it to see Marty again??? Rory didn't quite know what to say, and I for one enjoyed the little squirm she had for some odd reason. She kind of let him look like an asshole the last time he was on. Good for him.

Damfino said...

I would agree to a certain extent - their first album is A material - this is afterthought stuff. But, it is a soundtrack - the film will have all of the cock-pushups and hard f*cking we can handle.

I am digging "Pick of Destiny" track 14 - loving "Papagenu" track 9 - and playing over and over "Master Exploder" track 7.

A little disappointing.. but still really good.

You deleted it? Dan - why must you be such a tool?

Damfino said...

Marty's appearance was handled well - burn her my man!

Dan is a little testy as of late - I wonder what his stress could be...

Damfino said...

The Chris - Lor thing is confusing... they should work... they should be happy... but they won't be.

Lorelai is becoming quite the tragic lead... with no reprieve ahead.

I do like them together - the drive in movie date - the quips that get tossed back and forth (hiding that they were leaving 3 hours early was cute)... the show is finally reveling in the characters they have created. But it won't last for long - this will be the final season.

Damfino said...

BTW Dan - I still love that pic of you - it is on my screen saver and the red is awesome!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

1. Chris and Lor is happening too fast for me. Give me a few episodes to get the Luke taste out of my mouth...2,3,4....especially since their love story lasted almost 2 full seasons!!!

2. Can't wait to see the new Bond. Loved him in "Layer Cake".

3. I have fully invested in Nip/Tuck. Have finished the first 6 eps of season one and have seasons 2 & 3 in my Q.

4. Kern, glad you liked "Hard Candy". I also enjoyed its "buyer beware" message.

5. Buttercup has 2 job interviews at the University of Iowa Hospital this week. Lets send a little love and luck her...our...way!

And yes the Kreitner's will be comming to DM Sat/Sun to see Jed and Cara in all of their living in sin bliss.


urnotme said...

Yeah, i wonder what that stress is?....

Man, i look good against everything come on!

Maybe, i should re download it, but right now i just downloaded the brand new Brand New. I'm such a whore for them. Maybe i can sleep witht he lead singer for tickets this weekend.


Kern said...

Sheriff-Nip/Tuck is great, though Season Three starts to grate a little, and the current season in my opinion, has been nigh unwatchable. I don't know what happened with the writing, but they need to turn this damnable tailspin around pronto, or I'm ejecting.

I also loved the "getting the Luke taste out" comment. I think Lavoris worked for me. He's so damn manly, that musky flavor just wants to stick around forever.

Ah, well. Back to work. And no, not in the library.

BTW, how's our man Flop?

Oh, and good luck to BC on the jobs and stuff. Go get 'em, madame!

Damfino said...

GOOD LUCK BUTTERCUP!!! Knock em out of the park.

Damfino said...

Sheriff - they have been building the Chris Lor thing all year - you missed some eps. Happening fast - but more time has passed on the show than weeks it has been on air.

Dan - I will download Brand New tonight - poor Stevens - a concert he wants to go to and he has to be a daddy.

Nip/Tuck tossed me to the side of the road with 3rd season as well - started this one... but got bored.

The show borders on greatness - it is frustrating.

Kern said...

Wait, did Hol already have the baby? Did I totally space on the news?

Damfino said...

No - she is due today - poor girl is completely ready.

Ain't Right said...

Hey Jed, I just wanted to say I'm glad you've decided to take her name, it was the right thing to do.