Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mystery Date

The other day the Sheriff made a request in the comments at Listen! Listen!, etc. asking that there be a bit more light shed on the amorous adventures of your man Kern.

Well, while under normal circumstances I would have nothing to report other than the unemotional yet torrid passion of hand romance, I am relatively happy to say that I may actually have a potential date this weekend. With a woman!

I say potentially because I'm still waiting for another call in regard to the details of when this flight of fancy at the Henry Art Gallery at UW is supposed to happen. For the first time in my life, however, I am feeling relatively non-plussed by the entire situation, which is strange for a raging stress case like myself. I don't know if it's because I am really quite busy with my writing for TMT and the like, or if I am just so jaded at this point that an eleventh hour and forty-five minute dropout would not likely surprise me either.

In any case, the girl is beautiful and she likes to go to museums. If nothing else, having a sweet young lady on my arm in several rooms full of art for a few hours doesn't hurt my feelings, as I can think of far worse ways to kill an afternoon.

Of course if that falls through, I'm just going to go out and eat donuts and watch The Fountain. Six of one, half dozen of the other. And by the other I mean donuts.

Hugs and S**t,


PS-Fino, do not fear, I am still wrangling my thoughts for a proper Altman eulogy.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Sending out our best wishes for a positive dating experience. That girl doesn't know what she has got a hold of.

"the Boys of Cell Block D"


Damfino said...

More Altman - less private carnal knowledge.

Kidding - do a nice slide job my friend... paint some personal frecos!


Kern said...

Never fear, I will be as vague as possible in terms of details, as this is the internet, and I being an intrepid man of industry would only disclose such sordid secrets for ten dollars, and only then to one's private e-mail account.

No, I guess I wouldn't.

I will be trying to work out the Altman thing. I have to write a review for James Brown's Funky Christmas by the end of the week for TMT and get cracking on my year end list. There's still a bunch of CD's I didn't even get the chance to listen to yet!!!

Damfino said...

And you need a Crotchety post about Brit and Kev splitting - and her new "spread" pic with Paris.


Kern said...

I am rubbing my...lack of evil goatee right now thinking of all the comedic possibilities. I may save all this stuff to do another year end wrap up like last year.

It shall be called Doomed To Repeat It 2006 Edition: The Year Kern Loved To Hate Loving