Saturday, March 01, 2008

TV REVIEW: LOST 4.05 "The Constant"

Holy crap... HOLY crap... HOLY CRAP!!!! WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!

This show is completely blowing my mind!!!!

Ok, so the helicopter flew through a storm (which was required by Farraday) and Desmond starts time traveling through his own conscious.


We finally get to see the freighter that everyone was speaking about... that crazy guy from "Smoking Aces" is there to creep everyone out... and doors magically open.

Ok - let's start again. This episode towers over... all. This episode takes LOST and floors it into the stratosphere.

My tiny brain is still digesting the ramifications of this episode... the mind time traveling... Desmond making contact with Penny... the amazing Black Rock journal sequence... WOW!!

I will have to watch this one again before I can really start posing some interesting notions.

I am seriously confused... I am seriously enthralled... I am seriously loving LOST!!!

LOST 4.05 "The Constant" : A



Kern said...


Best line of the night: "You're not sticking me with that thing, brotha!"


Some have recently been comparing this ep to Slaughterhouse Five. Now I gotta read that to see if they're right...

Kern said...

Oh, this episode also makes me want to go back and watch the episode from last season where Desmond did this flashing business the first time and happened to run into Charlie. Wonder if I'd see anything in light of this new evidence...