Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cara's 30th Birthday Bash

This weekend was Cara's big weekend of birthday fun. We did a fake surprise party on Friday night... then the real one on Saturday!

She was shocked both times. Pics have been youtube'd.

I think everyone had a ball getting dressed up and listening to old 80's tunes all night. There were some amazing costumes (Graham and Tricia's) and some letdowns (me!!!)... but after a few extremely cold brews... all went well.

Happy Birthday chica!



c-note said...

I had a great time at the party. Jed really knows how to plan a party and entertain everyone, and this party was no exception. Who would have thought I would get two surprise birthday parties?? It was a great weekend. Thanks so much, Jed!!

Kern said...

Happy birthday, Cara!

Damfino said...

Sweets - you creep me out when you call me by my name... it is like I am being yelled at or something.

Try adding a "babe" or "thunder-king" to the end.


Sheriff officer Greg the Bunny said...

Happy birthday Cara,

Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Where were all of the "Frankie say's Relax" t-shirts????

Damn it I'm old.


ps: thunder-king....hummmmm