Thursday, March 06, 2008

HDDVD REVIEW : "Shrek" & "Elizabeth"

Two big wastes of time this week - first off is "Shrek the Third." Wow, what an utter disappointment.

The first two "Shrek" films were very good, filled with fun music, very funny nods to pop culture - fair tales - and old Disney films. Though crude at times, I found the two films to be a blast.

The third is a waste - Justin Timberlake is stuck in the horrid role of Arthur - a character that brings the fun to a grinding halt! This thing should have died at the script phase.

HDDVD REVIEW "Shrek the Third" : D

"Elizabeth - the Golden Age" is as big as of a mess - and just as shocking. The first film was great... all of the creators are back (same director!!!) - yet this pile came out.

Clive Owen is a major reason here - his role and performance are astoundingly bad.

HDDVD REVIEW "Elizabeth - the Golden Age" : D


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Deric said...

Late post, but I had to comment. Shrek was a mess, and I think everyone was tired of it save the big fat paycheck. I think it is harder to do comedy sequels than it is action or drama. Shrek relies on a certain amount of shock-comedy, but at this late stage what was left to the writers that would keep the kid-friendly rating?

Elizabeth was a HUGE disapointment.

Here is a real person that had more drama than 10 sequels could hold. Furthermore, the stuff in the second half of her life is much more relatable than the drama of sucsession and religion that filled much of the first film. But this movie tried to cover it all. Here are the serious movies that were all stuffed in this rudderless wreck:
1.)A woman in her late 40s and early 50s must still parade around like she was 20 because as long as she can convince people that she MAY marry their prince she can avoid a war. In the meantime she dates several princes and is even offered the country of Belgium if she will just make up her mind and marry (of course to do so would make almost as many friends as enemies).
2.)Without an heir, a woman in her late 40s finds that her cousin may or may not be plotting with her enemy to dethrone her. Of course, this woman in a queen as well, and to just have her killed would set a bad precedent. In addition her 8 year old son is the like successor. How does she manipulate this boy to turn against his own mother? How long can all of this go on before the boy decides to take both thrones?
3.)Spain is invading. England is outmanned and outmanouvered. Of course that only includes the royal army. Tides could turn if the queen can convince the indepenent privateers (which includes Dutch, Danish, French, and German forces) to join England. Thus starts a game of promises and deals to create a navy of privateers.

And that is just what was covered in the movie!!! There is more that the movie did not even touch. The problem is basic, when you try to please everyone in the theator you end up pleasing nobody. That is a lesson both movies could have learned.