Friday, March 07, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.06 "The Other Woman"

As far as LOST goes, last week was a total mind blowing unbelievable gigantic episode - so it stands to reason that this weeks would take two steps back. Though, that ain't all bad.

"The Other Woman" focuses on Juliet and her early time with the Others - meeting with an Other therapist named Harper - hooking up with Goodwin - some odd moments with Ben making a block of ham for supper... and one major creepy moment with him as well.

Harper (above) turns out to be Goodwin's wife, and she knew about the affair Juliet was having with him. She warned Juliet that Ben might take offense to the affair and do harm to Goodwin - thus Goodwin was sent to the Tallies and off to his death.

Actually, I love that we see that Juliet is not as good as a person as we thought - she continues with the affair, knowing that Harper is wise... that is awful.

I did love Harper's appearance in the woods... methinks she was Jacob in disguise (or rather, Jacob in a form that Juliet would listen to).

The coolest moment of the night was when Ben took Juliet to visit Goodwin's corpse... and he announced "YOU'RE MINE!!" Michael Emerson is brilliant and he has tons of little moments in the episode to play with;

He is smitten with Juliet - he attempts to flirt - he bounces happily - he gets awfully jealous... and ultimately, shows his evil manipulative Ben face. Emerson owned this ep.

The only real nugget we got to further things was the tape reveal that Widmore is in fact trying to find the island and that he is a bad dude (demonstrated by showing him beat the crap out of a tied up guy). I am not completely sure Ben is really giving all the info - actually, I am sure he is not... but I am not sure that means Widmore is not an evil dude.

We will have to see.

In the end, we got some smooching from Juliet and Jack - which did not get any excitement out of me. Jack has become a weaker character, unsure of his choices and lost in his motivation... he was a tool this ep.

But hey - the show is great - no real complaints... just looking forward to seeing Michael next week... Ben's guy on the boat! And we will finally meet Zoe Bell as Regina!

LOST 4.06 "The Other Woman" : B


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