Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TV REVIEW : LOST 4.04 "Eggtown"

Busy busy week - tomorrow is another LOST and I have not had a chance to speak on "Eggtown."

Things are still moving forward but for the first time this 4th season, we have a slow down. This is a regular flow for LOST, moving fast and slowing things down to a crawl - season 2 lost several fans due to it's lack of momentum. Those fans are back because of the end of season 3 and I think, because of the end date being chosen, they will continue to feel a strong drive until the end of the show.

What keeps this episode from exploding like the previous three... is Kate. Kate is a conundrum. Kate seemed far more interesting before we got to know her - she murdered her stepfather... she got her best friend killed... she can't choose between Jack and Sawyer...


I am wiped out on the Jack/Sawyer thing - it has zero dramatic power for me. And frankly, I am not sure the writers really have anything anymore... but they feel they need to. Poor Kate needs to decide... and move on.

The bit with Miles above was entertaining - but most of Locke's other choices in the episode were pretty weak and the situations were pretty lame.

The final bit with Aaron did get my mind churning again... is Claire dead? Is Jack acting like his father? Is Aaron the 5th member of the Oceanic 6?

Hmmm.... let's get back to the light not scattering right.

LOST 4.04 "Eggtown" : B-


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