Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BLU-RAY DVD REVIEW: "Lost" Season 3 Blu-Ray Disc 1

Last night I finished the first disc of "Lost" Season 3 on Blu-Ray and things ended with the inexplicable and useless death of Mr. Eko.

The disc itself is a revelation; the Blu-Ray 1080p images from the show are simply stunning! Probably the best HD disc I have seen on my set. You see every pore - every drop of sweat on the actors face... and the island pops with greens and blues. The menus are very similar to earlier seasons except I get a nice introduction from Damom Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talking about how cool the Blu-Ray version of "Lost" really is.

There is 5 episodes on the disc and only one commentary - a track with Lindelof and Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Juliet on the series. The commentary is definitely not one of "Lost's" best.

After re-viewing the first 5 episodes I do feel a tad bored. Jack, Kate and Sawyer are locked away with the others, which is far more fascinating than life back at the beach where we find Locke having to save Eko - only to have him die the very next episode. It is obvious the producers wanted to let the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje go... but the character's end (even his last words!) is a complete let down.

Thankfully, the show really begins to fly after this ep.

"Lost" Season 3 Disc 1: B

Cara and I fired up "Bringing Up Baby" as we were going to bed last night - it is a continuation of our Katherine Hepburn movie marathon and our second with Cary Grant as the love interest! I saw the film back in college and enjoyed it. Oddly, though, the film really began to drag for me last night. It runs two solid hours and really could have used some major trimming.

I did find myself laughing very loudly at the covering of the torn dress scene. The timing of Hepburn and Grant sparkles in that bit.

"Bringing Up Baby": B

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