Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FILM REVIEW: "If you're in - I'm still in - Juno"

She is beautiful to look at - her black hair gracefully falling around her face - her lips full of pout and ready to deliver a barrage of joyfully irreverent literation on the desire to not think about junk smelling like pie - her stomach, like her belly button... protruding!

Juno is a beautifully pregnant 16 year old and a girl that I wish I could hang around with... for a small amount of time... just before she realizes my inability to keep up with her quick wit. To have the chance to talk with a young girl, taking on some major life changing challenges, who doesn't have to fake any form of happiness or frustration - she simply is Juno.

The film "Juno" is directed by Jason Reitman whose previous picture "Thank You for Smoking" had moments of interest for me but mostly felt distant and not fully formed as a film. "Juno," on the other hand, is a legend in it's own time - a huge leap forward for Reitman and a career defining beginning for it's writer Diablo Cody (who attended the University of Iowa as I did). The script must have warmed the hands of each reader as they plowed through Cody's exceptional and exciting dialog - and left them in shock as a first time screenwriter creates characters who should, as past quirky films have proved, act more like plastic dolls than truly fleshed out humans. Yet, human they are.... quirk and all.

"Juno" is simply fantastic, a pure joy to watch. I went with Cara, my younger brother, and my mother - all of us came out of the film thrilled and giddy with laughter. The film is worthy of all of the praise and awards talk it is receiving. I am already planning to re-visit Juno's world - the film had me so entertained, my film making mind was left too busy laughing that I was unable to watch Reitman's work unfold. That my friends is an achievement in and of itself!

"Juno": A-

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