Monday, September 17, 2007

We'll meet again...

Ya know - I started this blog thing a few years ago because it was a new technology and a kind of fun way to relay my thoughts to the world. That was neato for a while - then people started reading and interacting... that was a blast!

Then more and more of my time was spent writing and building elaborate posts - that never really made an impact with anyone.

Then - it all kind of began to suck.

Anyway, this is the ride of life and I know how things move - we will meet again during the big wrap-around end of things. For now, I am going to sever the chord that is this beautiful Damfinoblog.

Oh how the world has moved on - Kreitner is with child - Kern is fully fuzzy - KJ is getting hitched this weekend!!!

Who knew one little blog could spawn so many... so many....

(cue Journey's "Don't Stop Believing!!!")


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...



Daniel said...

Jed, if it 'began to suck', perhaps you should learn some html and make a real webpage; it might elude the suckness of the blogspot layout?

nonetheless, cheers Mr. Findlay.
-daniel mastrofski