Monday, January 14, 2008

HD-DVD REVIEW: "I am the Zodiac - Gooooood Buhye!"

Friday night Cara and I went out to dinner at Felix & Oscars, trying out the place as a potential rehearsal dinner location. Sadly, I felt the Chicago deep dish pizza was a mess - and the decor was completely lifeless. Afterwards, we stopped by Best Buy and I picked up David Fincher's "Zodiac" Director's Cut on HD-DVD.

I had loved the film in the theater and was sad to see the extras-free initial release, so I was thrilled to see a new version loaded with goodies. There is a detailed and absolutely revealing look at the process of Fincher and the making of the movie. You get a look into the Digital Domain graphics work they did with the film ans some truly surprising dailies of blue screen work.

The second half of disc 2 delves into the murders themselves - taking a look at each at a time. The truly horrifying moment on the disc is when Bryan Hartnell recounts the attack of the Zodiac at Lake Berryessa where his girlfriend Cecelia Shepard died from her wounds. The calm retelling of the event is nerve racking... and relating it to the moment in the film... well, I have not slept well since viewing.

These extras are absolutely worth the price to purchase and the film will definitely not disappoint.

"Zodiac" Director's Cut HD-DVD : A

The rest of the weekend was all about football. Sunday delivered two major upsets. I have to admit, I did not see San Diego beating out the Colts! Manning played a well rounded game - the Charges had several penalties and injuries, losing LT and Rivers in the 3rd quarter!! Yet, they came out on top.

I cringed at the final pass to Dallas Clark to lose the game at the end... it kind of puts a cap on the Peyton adds we have seen all year with him searching for a receiver and looking to his child self for the answer... "Clark." How sad.

The Giants caught the Cowboys on their 3rd horrible week and ruined their chances to see the Superbowl. Eli Manning played a strong game, but again, it was the Cowboys game to lose.

Saturday was far better with the Packers showing some major poise playing the Seahawks. They went down 14 early and came back to completely control the game! The Packers will play in the Superbowl.

The Patriots are the team I have been following all year and I did have fears that they Jags might be able to pull off the upset. The Pats defense really could not stop Garrard from moving the ball down the field - they actually only held them to a field goal once! Thankfully, the Pats offense never faltered. Moss was covered, but the running game picked up the slack. What a fantastically well rounded offense that is completely able to adjust to every defense they meet!

The Pats will take on the Chargers and again - will hopefully prevail. If the offense doesn't falter - the Chargers offense will not be able to keep up.

Great games - good weekend.



Kern said...

Man, I had no idea you were posting again!

Zodiac is pretty amazing, and I saw some of those new special features the other day. Nice stuff.

Happy new year, by the by.

Damfino said...

Happy 2008 to you Mr. Kern.

Zodiac has me officially obsessed and creeped out.

Fincher is the king of creating an off atmosphere. Each murder is so precise and perfect in it's representation - the cuts to slow motion... the lack of slow motion during Lake Berryesa.

I need to listen to the commentaries and then I will post again about it.

Anonymous said...

so true, so true.....


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