Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Lost" Season 3 Blu-Ray Disc 2

Continuing the drive to finish off "Lost" Season 3 before the start of season 4, last night I blew threw 3 episodes on the disc, including a commentary with Carlton Cuse - Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway. It was a far better listen than the previous commentary because of a fascinating breakdown of an actor's method of preparing to do a script. Evangeline walks the viewer through her pre-game warm up, talking about taking notes and how she uses the day of to memorize lines to keep things fresh. Cuse doesn't do much to inform but leads the conversation well.

The episodes are a major step up from the previous five. We have Juliet's back story - a marriage for Kate (to "Firefly"s Nathan Fillion) - and Desmond's sad sad flash sideways (or whatever that was). Some of the best of the season.

"Zodiac" is still running through my head - during my lunch break I took some time and found a site www.zodiackiller.com all about the murders and potential suspects. The site also has high quality scans of each Zodiac letter sent... IT-IS-CREEPY.

Hope I don't get Robert Graysmith crazy on Cara... jeez.



c-note said...

I was a little worried by the end of the weekend that the Zodiac killer was becoming quite the obsession... I should be glad at least that you haven't suggested our honeymoon become a trip to San Fran to visit all the murder sites!

I liked all the extras, just watching them all in one weekend got a little depressing.

Damfino said...


Look at that little cute kitty. AWWWWW.

I keep telling you... not depressing... fascinating.

I heard California is nice this time of year!!!

Sheriff officer Greg the Bunny said...

Sheriff is back baby

yeah booyyyeeee


Sheriff officer Greg the Bunny said...

pic added....

Kern said...

The line about honeymooning in San Fran was awesome, Cara.