Friday, April 06, 2007

Prepare for Six in seven

Folks - it is upon us... The Sopranos returns Sunday for the second part of season 6 (which should be season 7... who is doing this at HBO?!?!) and once again expectations are high and most of us will be disappointed.

I will be thrilled with what I get - knowing that later I can watch the show and find all of the goodies and quality on DVD.

Anyway, here is a great catch up piece that is on YouTube - 7 minutes to catch everyone up... it is pretty funny too!

Gotta start cooking up some pasta - YO!!!


Shua! said...

Where to start I can't believe it is the beginning of the end of The Sopranos on Sunday.

That review clip is funny. I love the part where they actualy start playing The Final Countdown when Will Arnet is on there freakin sweet.


Damfino said...

Josh nailed it - I almost died when they played the Final Countdown!!!

I can't wait to see the end... yummmy!